March 1, 2009

orthodontics 3

FAQ by most ppl

1.doesn't u feel pain?
A: i feel pain all the time esp the very first week i wear tat things,esp during the eating,and the first month also pain,after that , i am gradually accomodate to tat things n not to feel pain,i can eating like normal ppl.But for now,the pain come when i am eating,coz i change a module,that pull in my tooth more intensively. much does this cost?
A: til now,RM700 if not mistaken.the screws i show u on the last post is cost Rm300 with another spring tat is not need to pay Rm50 every time u go for appointment.

3. how long was the time taken needed to complete the treatment?
A: at least 2years,for me whose quite serious.

FAQ by people whose his/her children wanna get the treatment too

1. how to do with tat?
A: go hospital kemaman,let the dentist check,if u wanna be faster,tell the nurse to transfer u to kuantan.

2. which is better among private service and government's one?
A: the service of government is tat you have to wait quite a long time to meet the appointment,but its cheaper.
the private is vice versa.

3. Do u face any problem during the wearing-period?
A: at the begining state,the saliva will came out and i don't even sense it,until my friend told me.and this condition will dissapear lately.

4. how to brush ur tooth?
A: i have 2brushes,the first one is same as normal people,just the brush is softer,and then the second one is speciallise to clean the space that a normal brush cannot cover.


  1. ur "teacher" is actually my kindergarten fren... LOL

  2. u mean shane?
    lol,i thought i got post"teacher" in this post,hahaha


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