March 5, 2009

abbreviation for DANCE 2

after many day of collecting comments,after many days for waiting but only 2 people giv the suggestion,i had decide the abbreviation for DANCE(from my point of view)

D- Dynamic
A- Active
N- Neat
C- Creative
E- Exertion

there are many kinds of dance in the world,like hip hop,modern,contemporary,silk dance,pole dance,guo biao wu(what is its name in English?),ballet and many others,but the most familiar with me was the hip hop,whenever i go shopping,i would sometimes saw the word"hip hop" in some shops,and then tv shows also mention it,Since there are various kind of dance in the word,each of them of their own feature,i just decide the abbreviation of the dance from the point of view of hip hop.

explaination and reasonS:
mean the science of the forces involved in movement according to my dic.

actually,i think both the word"Active " and "art" are suitable,but since i am choosing from the point of view of hip hop,i would rather choose Active than the word"art",but if from the point of contemporary,i will use "art" ,because i had been learn modern(or contemporary) ,i observe that some of their motion is unusual,and whenever i asked teacher,he say u have to indulge yourself with the music and "menghayatinya".

i was choosing between neat and first ,i think nimble is just perfect and suitable for N,
nimble ,as in the dic mean.... able to move quickly and easily and then the second meaning-(of the mind)able to think and understand quickly

Neat_simple and clever

thus,i compare between the quickly and easy(from the "nimble") and the simple and clever(from the "neat"),
the word simple and easy are of the same meaning ,no need to compare one.
the word quickly and clever,i was choosing "clever",because quickly is not equal to clever,but sometimes clever comprise quick.***Zi: actually,what is the meaning of "neat" in ur mind when u leave me the comment?

if not having a creative mind ,how was the choreography that we seen in the music video been perform???

definition: physical and mental effort;the act of making an effort;the use of power to make sth happen.
it is sure that dancing involve the physical effort,and the mental effort....doesn't u feeling enjoy when u r dancing?and then the mental effort also include the creative and nimble as well.

personally, all these are just my opinion,if u found a more suitable word to replace any abbreviation here,you are welcome to leaving suggestion here,as the last post,only 2 people leave me the suggestion,thx zi and yun yee^^

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