March 20, 2009

my relative visit

伟强wei qiang(穿军裤的),my god brother(actually he is my cousin)说出了一句很经典的名言:
such a childish boy can speak a such a mature sentence,doesn't its ironically?
and then the second point is this sentence is more of like singaporean feeling(because he stay in JB)

game addicted already
handphone facing handphone
this monkey (holding the top one key chain) always grab our hanphone and key,because he wanted to help us snap shoots,however his shoot is target...crap
city boys were busy with their PSP.

hahaha,fortunately they came at the right time,because i not yet going nasional service,they also intended to back tomorrow.but,i am also fatigued today ,because i cant have enough of sleeping,a bunch of children can produce lots of sound pollution.However, enjoy the lively atmosphere.So sad cannot jogging this morning(usually when these children visit our home,,we will jogging on the second day morning,because its fun and because they came from the hustle and bustle of the city life.),cant jogging because all of us overslept~~

actually, i think Kemaman is quite lack of entertain-development,don't know wat to eat during the lunch and dinner
lunch,my suggestion is japanese cuisine_reject ,coz won't full
the usually kemaman hawkers center lo,so hot and quite shame to take visitor to such place,but is there any choice?

dinner- worse
restoran Ah lek,why dun go Steven or 挽华小学对面叻? about the dinner ,i dun giving any suggestion ,its the idea of adult.

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