March 13, 2009

Spm result

As u know,i get my Spm result yesterday.

Bahasa Melayu
spm: 3B

Bahasa Inggeris
Spm:A1 GCE-O: 3B

~actually, i had been failed in english test when i was standard 5 or 6,i was the only student who failed in the class,my english teacher scored me and pinch me ,this made me felt sooo embarrassed.
From that time onward,i swear to myself to put up my shock , therefore i always focusing my english,anything don't know,asking friend,check dic,copy their answer if sometime,because i wan to lessen my fault in English,at least not to pinch by her.
later, 下半年of my UPSR year,we did lots of practice,and she praised me:Shuh Hong,your english is improve a lot a!
hahaha,sure i was happy,but actually i was copying the answer from my friend,just modify a bit to change into my question like replace Ali into Abu,replace afraid into scared ...
i done effort to improve my english these years,checking dic whenever dunno,ask friend to pre-check before the teacher,well my writing is still ok(at least enough to express my opinion lo),but speaking in English is bad,luckily secondary school offer a lot of chance to prompt us speaking,just that i have not the confidence to speaking.and u guys can study urself,about my english,broken english in my blog here,n_n

Pengetahuan Moral


~i am not interesting in studying history,yea,i know sj made me knowing how Tanah Melayu change to Malaya and then Malaysia,but i didn't like to memorize the name of the party like pasok momogun...forgeting all already ...hahaha,but my sejarah teacher is quite interesting,she likes sejarah very well,she also explain why we must concern of sejarah,but i just remember one point only:

those who wanted to become lawyer abroad will failed without A1 in sejarah

i forget the explaination,just chill out not to learn Sejarah after this


Add Math
~ i am quite dissapoint myself as i couldn't catch up add math since form 4 even after tuition,tuition is making me understand the complex add math better. i am saying like this because add math is a subject of mathematics too,my mathematics is always excellent,but why can't add math be so too.According to my investigation,a person who is briliant playing add math most propably is a high IQ person,simple reason is my friend ,PJ who i consider him as a genius has 19X for his Iq test,and the Iq test is getting from internet one. thus, the other ppl who get A1 in add math might be have higher IQ point than normal ppl.So, need to practice a lot in this subject,which is a mild tough mission for myself.A subject of testing ur understanding

i just surpirse with this as i consider physics is a tough(tough to thinking) subject as well as add math too.Especially the eletric,eletricity Chapter.


~this was the subject that i concern the most as my ambition is related with the application of it.
and bio is quite interesting too,because it study cell,reproduction,cell division and then i imagine the things that i gotta to touch is flexible and soft de,like the .....protein,nice to touch.

Bahasa Cina
y can't get A2,like my sejarah.Chinese is more easy than sejarah le~~
i had been once thinking of taking programme related chinese language if i wan to become a teacher,becoz its my mother language .

English for Science and Technology

well, i really surprise with my result,is many times better then i expected,and because of this my mother let me to study Rahman, she also encourage me to apply many scholarships as well,but n programme like culinary art,dancing or air hostess are prohibited.Til now,still no sure what am i going to be in the future.Shall i study form 6 or A level? matriculation,i think i will reject it .

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