December 31, 2013

What will I do if 31st Dec 2013 is the end of the world.

Hello!! I am actually quite free for now,as I am in HOliday now. But still, I have a lot of things to do. I want to learn cook, read books, watch tv, drama and sleeping! LOL.

If you still remember, there is still a collaboration post from my blogger clique (Wen Xi, Daphne, Fion and Ivy Liew). Or if you couldn't recall/ didn't read my last collab post, here it is! But only Ivy and me manage to compose this post as Fion fall sick and 2 of them are quite busy also. And before that, I want to say

 Happy Wedding to Daphne Cho! 

I kept viewing the update about her wedding yesterday. And she is so so pretty!

I like her this photo the MOST! Really stunning! her hair, her dress and her blissful look~~~~though the photo was quite random...I mean random as in quite candid, and didn't well prepared.And she looked like a model is marry, I bet no one will disagree with me, hahahaha.

Alright, back to the topic. ...What will I do if 31st Dec 2013 is the end of the world....sound cliche,right?  Last time people always mention what will you do if 2012 is the end of the world...LOL, but its interesting to be jot down and for reminiscing in the future. and mind you, I will definitely achieve all the list I mention below! But, this is a lifetime goal lar, don't confuse it with the resolution of 2014 ar.

1. Dance
The first thing that came to my mind with the title is Dance. Inspired by Jolin Tsai, a taiwanese singer, I really wish that I could learn pole dance. It's inevitably people will have bad stereotype on pole dance girl being a club girl or a hooker. When I first proposed the idea to my bf and my mum. Neh, both of them object my idea of learning pole dance. COming to this point, what is your point of view about pole dance? Comment below, can? I assume that all the youngster will on my side, am I?

So far the progress of my dance-learning milestone is NIL. Talk louder than action....I wish I won't be this type of person. Learning pole dance is a must to-do before I die! But for now, they are quite a lot of factors that I couldn't learn that.

1. Objection of 2 of mine closest one. (Both of them only allow after I get married)
2. I am not staying in KL
3. Tight on budget

But cannot lor, I would regret die if I never touch pole in my life.I hope that I can learn this once I am affordable....which mean it might be...3,4 years later...=(. Anyway I am glad that I always have the consistent perseverance on this.I no need to have anything to motivate me. Learning poledance is something that I am very sure innately. Well, for now,I think I could get ready for that, workout to have a better hand, thigh grip on pole.

You are wrong if you think pole dance is merely flaunting  sexy, seducing.You have to climb up the pole against the gravity.And since you are the one who dance it, so you have the control on it, it can be sexy, hip hop, depress or anything that you wish to express

Got what I mean that poledance can be hip hop too? Actually, one of the reason that I darnly want to learn poledance because I can't challenge breakdance as it quite rude for female, in my opinion.

Its like when you hear the melody, the tempo of the song and you want to shake your body into break dance but you can't because other  will give you the bulging eye expression, like signify you are very gross or something.

2. Get Marry
How could I die without make a most lovely promise with my love....NO lar, actually I think that getting Marry is just an official ceremony to tell the world you have became Mrs (Husband's sir name).  I might as well pregnant before I get marry too, as long as I am mature enough, I am well prepared, getting pregnant is just a natural process.But you might killed me after I said this.....the official wedding ceremony also signal some meaning to me too. I always prepared myself to be the most beautiful bride on my Big Day. I have even create a blog for this purpose. Hehe, I like blogging cause it comes in handy when I recall myself about these thing.

3. Sent love to people who I wish to

The latest family potrait with Soo Hui absent
Of course!I need to tell my dad, my mom that I love them.Tell my little brothers and sisters and say sorry to them cause I am not a good eldest sister.Say sorry to anyone I have offended.And cook whatever my family want. As for my boyfriend, I think I have no regret between the relationship between us =). I always tell him I love him whenever I want to. and He treat me nicely, I can't think of anything that we will regret lo.

Okay, 3 must-do before I died. Composing this post also compel me to think about this. Be a good sister and be nice to everyone. I hope my this post will inspire you too. Be who you are and don't do the things you will regret.

Hop to Ivy's to view hers too!She is a lifestyle and beauty blogger too, follow her if you fancy her. I like her being her and a cheerful, bubbly one. Looking forward to meet her in Jan!

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