December 15, 2013

What is in my make up pouch.

Harlo~~~ Long time didn't update my blog with my own personal stuff already. Today is quite a special post! This is a collaboration post with Fion, and Daphne the pretty blogger!My first time collaborate with them, tell me why how it's not special! LOL

Lets go to our main topic today.

 Fist, showed off my cosmetic pouch. The creamy one and the blue-white strip are coming from purchasing bag of Love.The white pouch on the left is free for registration of a make-up crash course.Whereas the pink couch was I purchased from Pasar Pagi one, only cost me Rm10 =)

But, out of 4 of the pouches, only one is make-up pouch, the rest is either empty, or I put other small stuff like ear ring, hair band, and stuff like that.

 The overview =)

Started from lips cosmetic.

Here is all my lips cosmestic. Only started to apply lipstick since October 2013. Really like both the lipstick! Initially, I bought the Revlon Romantic lipstick, is a lipstain actually.Bought that Romantic cause I want some lipstick that give me a real sexy lipstick like Marily Monreo, Scarlet Red.Something like this........

 Btw, When I googled search for Marilyn Monreo just now, this pic just pop out, and this girl and her lipstick effect is so-what-I-want, so I just put it here =) lar.

But then..... the Romantic result on me display a lot of orange stain, agree?

 And this pic shown (from top to bottom) the colour of my lipstain. The first is the pop pink, and Romantic, then the mixture of both the colour above.Nowadays, I always apply the Romantic one as base, so that the pink one will be able to show its colour. The pink do not work well when I apply it directly on my lips. Prior applying, a layer of vaseline to protect my lips is a must!

 Eye shadow palettes and blush.In my pouch.

 I think you will agree with me too, you can never go wrong with Earth Colour. Bought the Kate one during promotion. Personally, I really like everything about this Kate palette. Along with the eye shadow base that ease your eye shadow colouring later. and each of the colour is glittering!

Later on,I found out that the purple series on the right is quite useful for me. Its from my mom, I just abandon the purple palette until recently I found out that the light purple manage to bring glittering effect too!

 But then the downside is..... it worsen my eye bag under natural sunlight.

But nice lar~~~ if you know how to adjust the angle =)

 Next, the CC cream from Etude House, and the travelling skin care set. Once use the CC cream one, it just shown my pimple and minor pore after applying!

 All the eyes' product~~~ Eyes is every important!

 A close up for my eyeliner. I really like to use eyeliner. LIquid liner especially! Cause I don't need to draw them so hard to be seen. Also abadoned Silkygirl last time cause it smudge easily, but I have seen my friend use it on me, and the effect is quite nice. So, I also started to use the silkygirl again.I think its really important to know the way how to use certain cosmetic, only then , it will have the ideal effect on you.

 From left to right: 

Maybelline Eye studio black liquid liner.

Kate red liner

Kate brown liner 
(red liner is a lot better than the brown lo~~, cause the effect of the brown is like nothing. Advise you to buy either red or black.Choose red cause it sometime can give the effect of 楚楚可怜 ie gentle and soft, something similar to the pic below)

Silky girl black liner.
(4 strands of them, with different intensity, 2nd strand is 1 stain only, follow by 2 stains, and 3 stains)

 Because it has something soft, gentle peach around the eyes, it give the effect of ....feminine, its not meek...just that I don't know the way to call it. In chinese, I mean楚楚可怜,anyone has any idea how to transribe it into English?

The make up that I used often.
 For Eyes.

 For lips

All in my Ocean-feel make up pouch!!

Wanted to see how's my friend's one? Here it is!


Stay tuned, there would be one more collab post next week! The topic is quite interesting actually, been drafting it in my mind, I really think I can blurt out a long essay for next one.

So many pending post for now, cause I am now busy cleaning my flooded house.Plan to do a diary style post about flood, the worst in 22 years!comment anyone?

also comment if you suggest me any good cosmetic, Cause I am now actually looking for a make up remover that won't hurt too much on my skin.Cleaning milk? Though I have been attend to make up course, but all the lessons learning is returned to the teacher already =P

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