December 20, 2013

Tomato Cafe

Hi, love!! or food lover or food hunter out there. Today is review about Tomato cafe. Actually, I went there thrice already, and each time afer I went back, I am so motivated to blog about this, it's really worth to try! Each time after I went back home, I am so motivated to blog about this, I have urge and I remember the details of everything, but I only manage to blog after Final Exam. So pardon me I didn't provide enough information on some dishes this time, its already about 2-4 weeks since I patronised them.

 Tomato Cafe located at Eastlake, Newtown of Kampar. Apparently, its opened by a lecturer in UTAR, famous for its homemade pasta paste.

The first time I went there....
 With Xinn Tay and her friends.I was first quite surprise to know she studies in UTAR here! she was working previously.Anyway, lets cut this short, and focus on food here.

Chicken Maryland Rm8.80

Her male friend ordered this(Sorry I really forget his name, an undeniable absent-minded person).Not bad right, the price is okay. And for all the steaks, you get to choose 2 dishes that you like. He chose rice (typical Asian =D) and potato salad. Seriouslly, the potato salad is damn smooth and chill. Major LIke =D But the overall combination is a bit dry.

Brown Mushroom Fish Fillet Rm 11.80

Whereas the Brown Mushroom Chicken Chop is Rm 10.80, one ringgit cheaper, I have no idea why chicken is cheaper.Not sure if this is Dory Fish or not, can't recall the moment already. The brown mushroom sauce is not the usual creamy milky mushroom sauce that I expected. I like to eat those milky type.The sauce is OK,cause it has subtantial amount of mushroom pieces within.

Don't belittle the looking-small-portion of this Fish Fillet, I was bulging full. Really full to the max, might be because I drink in between too. BTW, the tomato juice was not that nicer, below my expectation.

 Black Pepper Fish Fillet Rm11.80

Exactly the same only replace with Black Pepper sauce. I prefer Mushroom sauce over Black pepper, but I think black pepper is nicer.

End my first time visit with a narcisstic me =)

Going there the second time because it was Evon's younger sis, Yi Min's  birthday. After my visit there for the first time, I told my friend that I order fish fillet, and she gave me the response that I should order their signature dishes, which is Pasta. Okay, now I am a bit smarter. I ordered their famous should-try dishes.
 I guess you will probably see them again in the future. From left: Yi Min, Evon, Kar Yee and me =)

 Carbonara Rm13.80

It's been awhile I get to try this. So I can't give a very detail description on this. What I could recall is this dishes really got a good remark from all of my friends who tried. I didn't order this cause I can't finish it alone. 

Seeing the pic you know this is the unusual one, although the proportion is not as big compare to other pasta. But its not too salty, nor cheesy. The combination is just nice.

 Herb Tomato Pasta + Chicken Chop   Rm11.80

If you think you are a big eater. A combination of pasta and chicken chop/fish fillet will delight you. I think its nice for a taste of one spoon of pasta (together with the sauce). But I order this to eat alone another day.....I find that I miss the Garblic Butter pasta.

 Garlic Butter Chicken Chop Pasta   Rm11.80

This is the one that I like the most! Even though I haven't try all yet lar~~
Judging by its appearance, Herb Tomato win my heart. But the taste wise, you won't get bored eating this.

The name itself already intrigue me. Garlic and was the combination. The first try on it is mediocre.....untl I eating half-way, the taste is so delicious! really delicious you should try. I guess it's because the taste spreaded unevenly on the pasta.

Whereas the's quite dry. Neither juicy, nor succulent. Lying between tasteless and mediocre.Must combo with something juicy like potato salad, vegetable to eat.

 pardon me, I not sure which one is this.

 Broccoli soup Rm6 if I am not wrong.

Indulge in this creamy and heavenly broccoli taste. Its certainly a not dilute one.I can feel the sincerity from Tomato cafe cause they never 偷工减料。 。。。meaning not skimpy at all!

I not sure if this is in the menu or daily special. Just make sure you placed order on this and you will never regret =).

 We did order Gree tea cheesecake as it's Yi Min's birthday! Greentea Cheesecake is a daily special. and it doesn't delight me.

 If I am correct, this is 

Herb Tomato Bacon Rm12.80

Our Happy Makan Face =P Sill remember who is who?

Top Recommended Dishes

Garlic Butter Chicken Chop Pasta
Broccoli Soup

Other dishes are worth to treasure also. But it's not in my top list lor~~~


Part and Parcel of Menu. Feel free to peruse yourself If I have intrigued you in this Western Cafe =)

Nothing special on beverages. But I want to put here for references in the future.

Restaurant Tomato Ketchup
No. 106, Jalan Perdana, Taman Kampar Perdama 2, 
 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia

05-466 0961
Opearation Hour: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
(last order on 9.30pm)

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