November 13, 2013

Light of the World- Utar Kampar

It's 1.53am now,I couldn't sleep, so why not I update you with some of the fresh from Oven news of me~~ =)

I went to an event called " Light of the World" just now. It was an event organized by Christian Fellowship Society to celebrate Christmas.It is still the 2nd week of Nov. But Dec of 2013 in UTAR means Final + Semester Break. Who will ever come back to UTAR again just to attend the event o.

So , here goes my pics to do the talk!
 my dinner only Rm3.80, so glad I have chicken rice, soup, and a cup of Liong Shui (herbal tea)that worth Rm0.80, so damn cheap. Somemore, chicken rice is my favourite,damn like the restaurant lo.

 The event held in Grand Hall, the first part that come to us is exhibition. This one I snapped de, darn pretty lar~~

A christmas tree that don't look like Christmas tree also the first christmas tree in UTAR 2013.

 Part of the exhibition.

 The scene of the Last Supper.

Beware,lots of vainpot starting from this point, anyway, the first pic below is the one I like the most of the day!

Actually, We were watching a part of how Judas betrayed Jesus.The lighting there surprisingly good, so became a vainpot there lo.

After sitting down, ignore me.

 Without planning in advance, 2 of us wore Denim Jacket ler~~Just in different tone.

 Like the decoration in the hall.

Highly recommend to watch this! If you think its quite lame, jump to middle part, its quite meaningful yet you can understand.

 Not a really complete class portrait,hehehe.The dude who sat the front is our senior anyway, he is quite friendly and witty in conversation.

 Again, 3 vain pots.zzzz
 This is only a minor part of two of their pic. yet, upload this, cause I think this is the prettiest.

 Continue to take photo at outside.

So, this is my first christmas encounter this year,not really a celebration also.
And I missed out my last meditation class because I went to this. It's okay, I think this is worth to come, plus most of my classmate joined too.

Don't whether you enjoy reading my post or not. Drop me a comment, anything, lets say if you don't like my poor broken English. I really lack of Motivation to blog with standard English lar~~


  1. utar sg long has it too but not sure whether joining or not :/

  2. join lar~~ I also wander how was Light of the World in Sg LOng


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