June 7, 2015

New Look for my lovely virtual diary platform!

Hello!!Did you realise that I have a new blog design at ksh2772.blogspot.com?

Blogging has always been my passion, I always enjoy the time blogging, even when I come back from outside, and I felt sleepy, I can still stay in front of laotop, and blogging! but I cannot do so on study when I am tired.

I always looking for ways to insert social media icon in my blogspot, I google searched everywhere, but not really extensive searching lar. I tried to insert them, but I cant find any social media icon design that I fancy, at this point, I so wish that I know how to use photoshop, so that I can design my own unique social media icon. BUT....until this time, I still haven master how to use photoshop, and in fact this new blog design is from the help of one blogger who knows and provide blog design service.

I paid for the service of course. If I was me 1 or 2 years ago, I don't think I will spent money on designing something virtual and online, I mean google can solve this problem, hehe, but I am quite impatient, and don't have much time to learn all these, html is like alien to me. I also cannot endure the look of my lovely blog to look a bit dull like that.

It's like when you live in a house, you will design your house to make it fancy to you. Somemore, this blog is opened, and everyone can reach them one ler~~  So yea, despite my sis said "Har, you spent RM xxx on blog designing ar? " I decided the money is well-spent. ksh2772.blogspot.com is my baby you know?? Even spenting less on adopt a pet ler~~

so , if you are interested to me the progress of my blog design, and you should continue..reading this. Otherwise, you might find this boring =D

The one who design this blog to me is Kharn Yee (Note: Not advertising, but really appreciate the effort she spent on making my baby more prettier! )

First, I told her that I want something to do with purple series colour.And the white must be more than the purple.  So this is initial design. Purple Polka dot.

And then I notice my header photo is a bit too near, so I asked her to do something to zoom out the photo.
and tried out the effect of purple ring, ended up it looked like dead photo during funerel =.=

then testing on various background,  want the white part is more than the purple one.

Still all the 4 background above is not the feeling that I want. I also don't know what feeling that I want. But these background is just not right. 

SO from here, you can see that Kharn Yee is quite patient, she tried to match with my demand by trying on them one by one. hehe. 

So I went on to google some background that might fancy me .....

from all the options given, I pick the current one! the light brick one, although the ligh vertical one is quite nice also, but it's  normal.

previously, the colour of social media icon is grey, not that it's not nice, but I feel like social media icon should be given a bit priority, so black colour for sharper effect.

Actually, all these while she gave me quite some constructive suggestions, sometimes I also asked she helped me to choose, haha.She even went further to explain why she fixed my photo into 750px width, meaning even the 800px width will automatic become 750px, which is the feature that I actually like! Coz I don't need to resize the photos every single freaking time when I want to upload photo here.

I also got to understand why some other blog, the pics always fit not matter it's horizontal or vertical. Now, I knew this feature does the magic!

It seems like nothing much change ever since the same background was in, but there were actually minor changes, cause this is my space, my own space, I have to make sure everything is wonderful, the small details will affect too. Like

If you notice the navigation bar at the top, it is TRAVEL in the centre instead of F&B. And if you thought that F&B is Food & Beverage, then you are wrong, it's actually stand for Fashion and Beauty!! Haha, I suppose I will blog on fashion and Beauty =D

While revamping my blog, I also open a facebook page for my blog also. I might not do so back 1 year ago. Previously, my thought on creating a Facebook page is like ....I ain't any public figure or anything, I don't have anything to market also, nor something inspiration or what that people should like my page. why do I need to create one? And it's like a bit narcisstic lar, if people wanted to know more about you, why don't they just add your personal facebook account , they can know you in this way as well.

But for some reasons, I decided to create a facebook page for MY BLOG, not me.
1. Facook is a powerful media tool to market our product, and since I want my blog to be read by people, so yea, I should do something to market my blog.

2. It's actually a bit paiseh (to me), to keep asking people to like my page. Quite grateful also, they are quite a lot of people to willing to click the "LIKE" for me, THANKS TO YOU! A bit like push sell or hard sell, but this is the way when you want people to read it. Like when you want people to join your event, you will tried your best to invite them also. And I really need to step out of comfort zone and stop being paiseh.

3. Creating a FACEBOOK PAGE for my blog constantly remind me that I want to blog often! Cause if I keep market my blog, but the content is .....nothing, I feel bad for my blog, and those who constantly reading my blog also. Although major part of the existance of this blog is to satisfy myself. But now, I actually didn't write too personal things here, writing on other platform instead, and targeting public to read this.

so please support me , ok ? will try my best to blog as often as possible!Also , if you have any questions to ask me, I would be glad to help =D

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