December 22, 2020

FeiFan Hot Pot @One Utama Dec 2020

 We paid visit to FeiFan Hot Pot in Dec 2020. I kind of like trying steamboat after my ex-boss introduce Hotpot to me. 

It is a steambot buffet, so you can eat all you want. We ordered through the app known as Eatitgo , so it was 10% cheaper. 

The soup we had was tomato and Pork Bone Soup. There were 4 choices of soup. 

Tomato Soup
Spicy Mala Soup
Pork Bone Soup
Pepper Pig's stomach Soup

The option for soup were very subjective. I chose Tomato soup because I have had Spicy Mala Soup earlier, it was savoury, hot and satisfying. So I would like to try their Tomato Soup too. Compare to mild tomato soup, it was not that savoury , so if you can eat spicy, go for Mala Soup. 

Also, I feel like the tomato soup in FeiFan at 163 Retail Park taste much better than the tomato soup here. In short, the soup simply taste a bit bland. So I threw in some cabbage, vege to add some sweet taste into the hotpot soup. 

I like their meatball there, it was much more savoury than the beef , chicken and pork slide. 

The vegetable selections. Dont worry, they will always refill it once it is empty. I am glad that they have variety of vegetable because I can still eat it if I am on vegetarian diet. 

Also, not forgetting the sauce. Opt for any of your favourite sauce/paste, you could hardly go wrong, you can even mix to your preference. 

Of course, Hotpot buffet means it comes with Free FLow of Drink and Ice-cream. Their ice-cream taste good too! (Dont compare with the gelato ice-cream like inside scoop, baskin robin la )

If you are very Chinese and instil to have rice, you can help yourself at the drinking corner here as well. (I am referring to the rice cooker in the pic)

The interior of FeiFan Hotpot @ One Utama. (It is the old address of Secret Recipe Vegetarian)

The diners : My lao gong and me! 

and the menu here. 

If you like to try, I would recommend you to order from the Eatigo here. It is only Rm 44 per pax instead of the usual Rm48.90 

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