May 20, 2012

The Vow

Following the complete of my final examination, I had nothing to do, I spent my time watching The Vow, it is a very romantic, real life love story,I think it is how the man'affection toward his wife make me fall in love to the movie. FYI, i ady watch it the third time in two days, I am so into it.

I love how the way the man showing his affection. For example, in one scene, the man standing in the rain, and waiting for his girl to open the warm gift that he gave her.
I mean, this is, and so sweet. When he brought her back to their  home, he threw a party just to surprise for her, but she did not appreciate it as she can't remember everything about the past 5 years, how sadness~~~

This is truly the movie that everyone shouldn't miss in their life, and to add more about it, it is inspired by a real events.
click here to view about the real story.

so, thats all, i am going to watch it the fourth time^^

the end

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