May 15, 2013

曾桂安校长‘s talk

Listening to these 感性song,and I want to blog about the talk that I attended few weeks ago. What I remember is


从前有两个人, A和B一起去应征一份工作。一个工作是每天抬一百公斤的货,另一个工作就是每天抬三百公斤的货。两份工作都是同样的工钱。聪明的你选择哪一个呢?

当然咯,同样工钱,有谁不会选一百呢?在这里A 是聪明,小聪明。

三年后,公司倒闭了,这时候A和B又要去找新的工作了。这时,他们找到XYZ公司,XYZ公司只要录取一个人,工作是抬 两百公斤重的货。二选一,他让A和B各抬两百公斤的货。A背到很吃力,B就可以很轻松的把两百公斤重的货背了起来,结果当然是B获被录取啦。



2。这个故事让我想到我读pharmacy 的朋友,虽然她每次都讲pharmacy很难,不知是她讲难,还有她的coursemate,my housemate, like almost all people I ask say Pharmacy is difficult than other's course. Once I heard once, Pharmacy is only something  like MBBS, but remove the surgery part.

The main point is..
None of them regret to take Pharmacy course, they have not even think to give up, what make them so determined? They have passion for it.

And even though they are studying like cow now, they will free after graduated, and sit down to earn money. Its like rainbow come after rain 先甜后苦,苦尽甘来。They are like the B in the story above.

Well, not that I want to give up, but I really don't like Pharmacy, I rather become a nutritionist or dietition to cure sickness, remember?

YOu are what you eat


and then another speech that really stab into my heart is


I was like gosh gosh gosh, how? I don't think I am mature, and I am teaching them. Last time, before I serve in Kuala, I only knew teacher's job is to teach knowledge only, as long as the student behave well, smart, then you are done.

I think my latest job know is how to become mature now ,teehee


the talk is quite touching, cause all people are there to learn how to communicate to children, how to be a good parents, good teacher. Oh before I forget, 曾桂安校长was the one  giving the talk. Though he talks all the life we know, or how we should behave. But his speech is convincing, And 曾桂安校长would include some of his stories inside, which is captivating.and he just make the environment cheerful, I could say that everyone there is motivated and want to do more to contribute a little bit to this community, to teach student.

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