May 14, 2013


Argh, I feel so bad for didn't update recently, being quite packed lately, cause I am going to study soon, so I want to hang out, play here and there first before leaving Kemaman.

Anyway, here is some picture to feed you all.

 9th May, the last day I serve in Lok Khoon, thanks to all my colleague for the hand-made booklet, really heart it!

 The most complete group photos, coz TJN and Min wei are not inside.
These 2 pictures tell a lot story,and I really want to tell it! This is just kind of like preview only, I will try my best to blog soon.

After I quite the job on Thursday, I went to KL on Friday night.

MOnday is a lonely day for me, coz everyone is either study or working, the consequence is....I travel in KL alone~~~

 Saw this at LRT Masjid Jamek, while heading from Sri Petaling line to Kelana Jaya line.

 Came across iM4U booth at Taman Bahagia LRT station, I want to blog about this too! I am very excited to know that we can actually ask sponsor from them when we want to organise activity.

 Went to LRT Taman Bahagia because I want to redeem my prize from CLEO magazine, at Damansara Utama.Yea!!! My Rm 9 spent to join those magazine contest is not wasted!

Didn't take breakfast, only manage to lunch ALONE in a quite pretty cafe. Pick their ginger fried rice! Spicy but acceptable. 

til then...


Happy 2nd Day 
to WS

wish you all the best during your intern

okay, I should go out to YC now,bye.


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