May 1, 2013

Online shopping list

Skincare and cosmetic

I came across 2 blogs that write about 100% pure, I don't know whether I am too easily influenced , I feel like want to try on'em! The price is really set me off. Anyway, I still decided to put it here so that I can still buy them when I can afford in the future.

Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream Rm79


 the mascara found in various colours

Black Tea - blackest black - 0.32 oz / 7 g 
Blackberry - shimmery black plum - 0.32 oz / 7 g
Blueberry - shimmery blue black - 0.32 oz / 7 g
Dark Chocolate - shimmery black brown - 0.32 oz / 7 g

all for Rm 79 each

moisturizer(the 3rd and 4th):Rm119
There were alos series of collection like 
Mint white tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Super Fruit  

though its super pricey, but as a woman, we really should know how to protect ourselves from hazardous chemical substance, as there were too much of chemical things in our daily live which we could hardly avoid. 

Imagine if you are going to make up every single day with lots of synthetic chemical substance, and those substance will absorbed into your skin.What is the consequence in long term......though so far I had not seeing any case of health deteroiorate due to using too much of synthetic chemical substances, but I want my skin to free chemical-free if possible.

Below were something that I took from their website:

It is truly 100% pure, product are never made with any synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, or any other toxins.

No perfume or fragrance
No chemical preservatives
No synthetic Dye or Mineral

Clicked here for more infor

(their homepage)


Sally Fashion

this is sell super affordable cloths, somehow it remind me the Mirrocle, most of their cloths is around Rm 30, best of all, they sell couple wear too!






not yet tried but many famous blogger recommend this,
code: POVYPHAT for 15% off purchase(updated on May 2013)

not picture here cause so far no any pieces of apparel impress me

In House Fashion
This is the latest collection I interesting the most but Rm 58,still considering wanted to buy or not.

La Météo Boutique
Golden Embroidery Sleeveless Collar Dress  

Pool Ribbon Blouse

Reindeer Printing Sweater
the one that I love the most!!so cute, and look so comfy u can wear it to lecture^^

Come across this yesterday(30th JUne 2013)
They sell really graceful, elegant apparel that is different from others.
Though its a bit pricy, choose the one you like coz u will think its worth!

oh yea, I forgot to mention they are pre-order basis

La Météo Boutique

I just fbing just now, and came to come across this really impress dress, a really girly waist lace dress that will show your elegant, so much, but Rm 85, want to think clearly first.


found this out because of Qiu Qiu the singapore blogger, I always feel like want to meet her and attend some of her events, but its hard to travel to Singapore la~~

Dye Crop Top
Special ,right? SG$ 14.90 = Rm36.80

Qiu Qiu! Don't know why, I think the Military sleeveless top is so so only, but it look quite chic on her, can anyone tell me why??

SG$15.90 = Rm39.27

Never thought off pair the military sleeveless top with a flare skirt, now the outcome look satisfying!

Oni Leopard Print flare skirt
SG$17.90 = Rm 44.21


Reverie meaning a state of thinking about pleasant things, almost as though you are dreaming. (hahaha, I just copy down from my dic), btw, its synonym as daydream, the definion of daydream is

pleasant thoughts that make you forget about the present

thats the things I always do, daydreaming!! Before this, I thought daydreaming = fantasy

fantasy= a pleasant situation that you imagine but that is unlikely to happen

Thanks to Reverie, now I make it clear already. Do I make u clear as well? hehehe

Okay, after so much of ranting....Reverie also created by a blogger too, she is Kim, I love her style, not too kawayi, but srylish in someway and look chic too!

Here is some of the apparel that sell on June 2013

Stylenanda insp pastel chiffon tee Rm58

I heart this so much!! Its Fringe Sweater , a bit Pricey, Rm 85

A lovely elegant, floral skinny Rm65

JJ station

I want to focus on their swimsuit here.

 Rm28 the gauze only lar~~

泳衣女连体平角泳装比基尼小胸聚拢钢托泳装显瘦游泳衣 RM 97

颜色分类: 藏蓝加白
泳衣功能: 带钢托带胸垫运动服尺码(非必选): M L XL



Sakana Bikini Shop

 2 pieces

3 pieces

Rm 68
3 pieces with steel

3 pcs-bikini top+ panty+chiffon dress (thick padding)



I really want to shout out that the accessories shop that I bump into is so cheap!!Okay la, I get to know this from the blog of others. Like how cheap is their goods.

check out

for more.

craving to get this now. only Rm5.95 per pair, how not to get this!!

  Contact lens

Freshkon colourblends for Rm39
Freskon alluring eyes for Rm55

Glasses online

Fond this on other blogger's post, the flaw is they don't sell Freshkon which I usually attach

Hair Care

my review about hairdressing, and the easy access of hairdressing

I would update my this sites from time to time, and actually I am now jumping from sleeping to update this, been thinking want to buy or not , lately~~hmm. Let me know if you have any good online boutique shop, sharing is caring ma~~


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