May 15, 2013

I heart my this time part timejob

No la, I not only love my this time part time job, I love all my part time job's memories as long as I am teaching.

Today is my final day here. I am leaving here for a better tomorrow.Thank you to all my collegues for the farewell, really feel like I am blessed because I have a bunch of collegues that is a little crazy, I been here since 16th March , and my voyage of a LK teacher end today, 9th  May 2013.

Initially, I prefer to serve in Kuala Kemaman, rather than Lok Khoon. Happy events roll on as well as negative event too. This is one of the reason I never regret to teach here. From the event, I learn that there is darkness in Edu line too. Well, won't describe about the event here, but I learn so much from the event that happened, must confront the situation and look for solution. Lets not sigh if you can solve it.

However,having a bunch of colleagues that you can share everything with is what everyone looking for.Feel at ease all time. I glad that I met them here. Though I have to wake up early everyday to drive 30-40 mins time to there, but I enjoy working there.

 A group photos with Min Wei inside

 the lovely  snack and the memory booklet is made by her! My primary teacher and now my collegue! What a coincidence ,right?! Feel secure to work with her, her make me feel like, yeah, I am back to study again. She has sooo much flair in art o! She let me know that I not can only teaching in the class, but can cook, can make sandwich, and do anything as long as its appropriate.

Doesn't it?
Little children come to school to learn how to be a person.

Some students are very pamper at home, should make them learn it.

 With Wen Shan, who sit next to me. Thank you for praising sometime, I am highing fly~~

 With Teacher Lai, she was , previously work in SJKC Chukai as well.She is going to delivery in August, anyone here who is free from August to October want to ganti her? Priceless experience you will get!PM me if you are interested.

 Wen Yi, who I had been staying under the same roof for one week, and with Kuan Lian also.

 Jia yi, who is right opposite of my seat, unfortunately block by a table deck...=.T, she is the one who make Galaxy sneaker for me!! Thanks a bunch, I had a Rm 500 sneaker!

 Ustaz, aka Cikgu Ahmad, who always make me laugh.

 my 青梅竹马,unfortunately I am not available anymore,hahaha.JKJK. He is my mum's friend's son, not complicated right?

 The memory booklet that I heart so much! From all of them! But mainly, my 谢老师and Jia Yi make one.The most touching one, is this is HAND_MADE one!

 Make by Ky Wan, thanks a lot! I really read through every single word, and keep reading and reading and I can say, this would definitely help me during my down time =)

 Make by Ky Wan also, almost similar with my quote also.

If you love life, life will love u!

 From my 谢老师, 你就是我的天使咯~~ XOXO

 There are still somemore, put I didn't show all here, afterall, don't want to revealing too much la. Love this quote from Wen Yi.

If you are brave enough to say GOODBYE,
life will reward you with a new HELLO

This remind me like...never stop believing me in myself. Coz I say goodbye to Fairview, and Say hello to UTAR.

 To reminisce these good old time, I printed the photo and paste it at the back here.

I will definitely miss you all! I want to become a teacher!!!!!



View here for more pics.

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