May 3, 2013

On labour day 2013

This first day of the Month is a holiday!! That's a good news to everyone I guess, wait I heard that most of you say :" no matter is which day, as long as its work-free holiday"

On this day, I did nothing, just staying at home , sleeping, surfing all the lazy bugs things,hahahaha.And I never forget about Fatisha, craving for Fatisha since I came back to Kemaman, so dinner at Fatisha that night!

I won't be going there on usual day because my father who is very tradisional , particular when it comes to dining. He don't like the so-called romantic ambiene of the cafe. He claims that beware of  dining under yellow light or darker light, because you won't know when the flies will slip inside you food. So that is the whole story.

My OOTD of the day

bag: from Langkawi 
blue-white gradient dress: Singapore
sneakers: DIY by ky Wan

a blur one yet nice coordinate I think

Notice my pair of sneakers? Its from my colleague friend, so nice right, heart it so much, feel great everytime when I look through it and I feel pleased too.
 okay, if you look carefully, you will notice shoes without shoelaces, just fresh out from the oven, so still the latest. >.<

 ignore my messy background, didn't think too much when I snapped it. I just wanted to snap as much as possible before I cleanse my makeup, want to rest earlier.

 showing off forehead, my head is very looong, cheek sunken, and a bit pale as well.

 look nicer with fringe on.

end this post with a selca of mine. Peace! Happy friday =)

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