January 12, 2021

M' Laboori @ SS2 Petaling Jaya - A vegetarian cafe

 Hi, how's your day? I am sure you are okay to practise vegetarian diet as you turn into this page. They are many vegetarian eateries in Malaysia. (Although still not as much as the normal diet eateries) . This M' Laboori is one of the cafes that I would recommend. 

Here's why. 

1. The food is afforable for it's portion. (Though the beverage are a tad bit expensive for me)

2. The food is not only afforable but delicious! 

3. The ambience of the cafe is so cozy, and i always wanted to be seated within the shelf. 

4. It's an eye candy to look at the way how they present the food 

The ambience of the cafe is so cozy, and i always wanted to be seated within the shelf. 

Photo taken from Trip Canvas 

Photo taken from Trip Canvas 

This Nyonya curry me RM 9.90 was superb. Savoury with a perfect blend of coconut and spiciness. Feel free to top up with the sambal for your spicy liking. 

Their pizza although is a mini size one,  the portion is just nice. Trust me, you will be full after eating the pizza along with  some of the other food also.  
I came here twice. This was the first pizza that I ordered. Then I got the chance to try their mushroom pizza. 

The mushroom pizza 
Photo taken from M' Laboori FB page

Tried their mushroom pizza the other day. It was , in my opinion even better than the first pizza that I have had. Sprinkled with generous amount of cheese powder on top , this cheesy pizza along with the succulent mushroom slices satiates your craving for cheese. It was around Rm 12.90 if I am not mistaken. 

Then this tiny piece of Purple Sweet Potato Burnt Cheese cake albeit being tiny, every single spoonful of the cheesecake is  sending you a very satisfying punch in your mouth (punch in a pleasant way).. ..that cheesy punch into your mouth. 

Also, as a sweet tooth, I was just curious to try it out. The moment when the waiter took it out, when my eye met the cheesecake, to be frank,  I was a bit dissapointed at the tiny portion of it (with the price given around..RM 15) . 

Verdict?  It was delicious and sweet. I  would not  try on it every single visit, but I might try on it if I  am low on sugar (and cheese) , hahahaha. 

It does fill my belly. It will fill my mind too, If I have more time to linger there,I would  bring my laptop to spend some time  there just like some other patrons of M'Laboori. 

The humble and the wooden doorway entrance would give you  a cozy feeling, making you anticipate for what you are about to see upstairs.  


As the M Laboori situated in the busy and hustle busincess area of SS2. It would take time to look for  car park. There's the only con that I found out so far. 


Would I come here again? 
Recommended for vegetarian + cafe style.  It makes my stomach and my wallet happy, hahaha. 
Their nyonya curry mee is truly satisfying! 

M' Laboor

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