July 22, 2011

22 July 2011

Had been busy dealing with enter U recently. I don't know why, i got CGPA 2.84, i am a science stream student, i took BIO, math, Pengajian Am and Chemistry. But i cannot get into any U. okay, let me elaborate further. I cannot get into any U mean i did not get any course in the recently annouce UPU which all the people who accept the offer will start their degree in September.

My parents they are actually quite worry to let me study outside, because when i pursue my study outside, they will worried if i can follow those pratice or not. Those practise like drink fruit juice, eat organic food. They even thought of let me study start January next year.........regarding this one.........i feel like i prefer to pursue my study rather than stay at home.Because when staying at home, i feel less motivate to do anything. Seeing others busying study, i feel like want to study too, i don't like to leave so much gap in between, no reason, if you go through it, you will feeling the same way with me too!

Last time, when i told my mother i want to work after STPM, i mean continue to work and ignoring going University, my mom keep advice me to get rid this idea, and now i am so eager to study, i wish i could join my peer, my community doing any crazy stuff with my peer like we are teenager!!hahaha. My eagerness increase a lot after went Pulau Redang with my boyfriend and his Uni friend, they all were crazy, and i like they are who they are, i want to find my geng too! I want to let myself busy with assignment, lecture, and hangging out with friend during weekend.I dislike the feeling that when my peer is busying study, but i am doing nothing at home. I want to do something benefit, when i saying this, i do not mean i staying at home doing nothing, i just want to pursue my dream, it feeling a lot better when i keep myself busying in this way

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