July 10, 2011

redang trip

had been go to Pulau Redang recently.

谢谢, 我真的很感动。

I am so excited and full of enthusiasm when i knew i can go to Pulau Redang, a place of paradise, where you can relax, seeing breathtaking, amazing scene and this time, its a little bit more special,coz i was going with my boyfriend and his uni friend!hahahaha

so i not only can
watch scene

i can
pak tuo

and i am so appreciate the moment he gave to me, its amazing, romantic and i just wan to say thank you to him.

notice the photo I put header above? its from here! From what he made for me^^

There was a phrase like
i love u not becoz of who you are, i love you because of who i am when i was with you."

now i want to say

l love u because You are TWS and i am who i am when i was with you.

apart from talking about my boyfriend, i wan to comment about his friend too!His friend are all crazy, witty in conversation and nice. Like they won't make felt like i am a stranger. My first impression toward them is when i went into the bus, they greed me by calling me "dai sou" hahahaha, bu gan dang.And then its a lot of fun when i was wandering with them.They are like 91Geng,u know, boys always attack each other , and not hypocrite and calling each other brother,sister like tat. They make me feel like i wan to enter U fast fast and find another geng of my brother and sister.

without knowing why, i adore Rebacca Lee, which is a professional dancer, i like the way she posed in her photo.u can view here to see her style, the way she posed , which is so bubbly, adorable and so contagious! I inted to pose like her when i went to Pulau Redang, but don't know why, the way i posing is very formal, ordinary de,hahaha.See!

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