August 9, 2011

paiseh-------macro button

Regarding the post entitle "XXXegg " i was so embarass and awkward to tell that there are some misinformation about the camera focus stuff.

Wen xi came to my house the day i posted this article. And she tell me actually i can focus the object using macro. HAHAHA, so ridiculous i did not know my camera got such ability to focus the object___MACRO button, and even got SUPER MACRO too.Omg, so awkward.

Basically, all you need is just press the macro button which have a flower on it (see above)and the camera len will move up to focus the object really close and clear!

Okay, now i wan to change my mind that i can actually do not need DSLR as my digital camera able to carry the focus function too! Conclusion: my camera is actually advanced enough for me^^

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