March 14, 2023

Motherhood life :2nd week of March 2023

16th March 2023 :Her progress at 6 months 

1. She can sit on with 2 hands support her body 

2. Her cries is much louder and more intense, LOL

For eg, she would look at the object sharply if she is interested on that thing 
She would also move her mouth during our meal time 

4. She can hold her bottle now, although not very consistent still.  

5. Her kicks and finger graps is more powerful now. She would kick while crying in the midnight. Sometimes my milk got kick out when she kicked my chest. LOL 

16th March 2023 :Her first nightmare

Yee Xuan was having a nightmare yesterday. This is also the first time she had a nightmare. It was around 5am in the morning. She whined and increasing shout , I thought that she was hungry. Since my breast is also swollen with milk, I thought I might as well feed her to comfort her to sleep. 

Then when we were in the position, she didnt go and suck, which she would usually do. Then I realised she was shouting with her eyes closed. 

She shouted for few minutes until my lao gong also awoke. He turned on the yellow sleeping then after few rounds of shouting then only she subsided and went back to sleep. 

She didnt arch her body like she usually does. Which further confirm that ..she wasn't asking for milk. 

During her episode of shouting, she did turn her entire body like trying to free to something. 

12th March 2023 Weekend at home 

I bought the pink story book because of the cute cover. Yee Xuan is still too young to understand. It was just that clearly she enjoys interacting with her father or maybe enjoy interacting with people. 

I sit like a boss because I can. 

coz I am the boss in the house 

Previously I was away from home from every weekend, pay visit to my father in hospital. Now Finally , I can eat the home-cooked food by Chef Wei Sheng! 

12th March 2023 - was the first time I get to drink 泡参汤. Like Finally..... because I wasn't allow to drink this during the pregnancy . Finally when baby Yee Xuan's 6th month. I drank it. 

12th March 2023 - was also  the first time I get to bubble tea after pregnancy and giving birth. It was so damn sweet! Like so disgustingly sweet. I love to drink bubble milk tea before I pregnant.  Then I realised after you are not doing it for awhile. Then you wont miss it at all. 

10th March 2023  Friday  

Hoay and Long come from Kemaman. Because it was Heng's big day. 

He is now a 包租公 already. Really to collect money from his tenant! 

Yee Xuan and her dearest 二姨。 

andthe Kok 5 sibligns. WHo do you think is the eldest? 


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