November 2, 2023

My baby was diagnosed with HFMD Nov 23


Situation at home: We look after her at home.  and she is mischievous as always! 

We totally didnt expect that. 

It seems like she fulfilled the symptoms of the Hand Foot & Mouth disease (HFMD)

First, she got high fever on the first day, Sun 

that's when we bought her to the nearest klinik.  

She was given paracetamol (for fever and pain relieve)

and the antibiotic 

Mon 30th Oct 

She still got fever. We sent her to daycare. She ate slowly. 

Tues , 31 Oct : Day 1 of no solid food 

Fever subside. but the red spots/blisters on her leg was increasing. 

The night on Tues was the worst. 

We almost woken up every 1-2 h by her anguished criedsss. 

She kept tossing and turning when she cried and she cried badly....that it was quite heartbreaking to see

It seems like her stomach was bloating. 

We suspected it was due to the antibiotic because it was written on the bottle that the side effect is stomach discomfort. 

at night, We decided not to send YX to daycare because she suffered a lot of pain.

We were quite grateful that her hand is free from red spots/blister. also Her fever subside after 3 days and she was getting active as usual. 

Wed, 1st Nov : Day 2 of no solid food 

She woke up with smile in the morning. As if the thunderstorm yesterday had finally passed. 

Of course, as parents, we were on happy to see that she was getting better. and we also felt so much reflieved that she was getting better . 

In the 7am ish morning , we showered her. THen Ws realised that her red spots on the both legs were getting more. Ws decided to take her to  child specialist, paediatrician. 

Intiailly our plan is to stop the antibiotic, but after seeing the paediatrician. 

The doc mentioned that HFMD could cause bloating stomach too.  

I was still working on that day morning. 

Both WS and me were consider WFH  

She was diagnosed with HFMD. Wah~~~ omg... what should I do ar? 

My mind: what does HFMD mean? is it serious? 

Since she need to stay quarantine at home, how do I adjust my working time ar? 

SInce then we took extra pity on her and more tender loving care for her. 

The night time: 

It was quite a peaceful night, she cried only twice the whole night. and woke up around 7.40am on the second day. 

Thurs, 2nd Nov : Several bread crumb and meatball 

She recovered quite fast, the red spots were still there. 

However, she was just as active as usual. 

Her cognition is getting better too 

TOwards the evening, after I came back from 7pm teaching,  

she called me Mami! 

she also shouted Ba Bi  

and long continous mumbled of very serious speech with fingers pointing at you! 

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