December 11, 2023

2nd weekend in Dec 2023 - Long weekend


on Sat 9th  Dec 2023  

Actually our plan was mainly to buy shoes for YX. Ended up I bought 3 other sets of clothes for YX. 

During the night time,  mummy wanted to start teaching tuition already. Then YX also comes in to join. 
so I let her to sit on the chair , sit down together so that she can experience what I experienced too. 

on Sun 10th Dec 2023  

It was a fruitful and meaningful morning. I went to Sunday Dharma class in SABS in the morning. Teacher 丽燕 talked about 善财童子 , the little boy who is on the left side of 观世音。 and from there, we learned about Kalyana Mitra 善知识。  

Then we had this colouring activity 

Awoke after 15 mins of nap, then get ready to go out.  

Have her to wear the lavender clothes set.  

Meet my friend, I am Yee Xuan. (YX)
My friend is Yong Xu (YX)

and we played snatching milk bottle game. Watch the video below! 👇👇👇

and then on Mon .... 

on Mon 11st  Dec 2023  

Both daddy and mummy went to Tong SHan to get ready for pregnancy . THank you Jie jie for looking after Yee Xuan at home! 

and spendig time with my lovely daughter. 

so engrossed watching TV  .  

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