January 18, 2009
i am so happy right now,but at the same time , i also feel tired,because usually i am sleeping right now,its11.40am now.

as u know , i am working at nirwana now,as a cashier.
everyday,cashier has to do finance report before going home.
sometime,our counter will short money, and sometime over,or balance.
however,Balance is the best.

whenever doing finance report, i will be very nervous,because i saw everybody can count money(coin or note very fast,like lightning),but i am slow.
usually, i will count the coin because its easier for me to touch,because of my hand(skin) problem ,i cant frictioning the note,its too smooth for me to touch,a method to overcome this problem is wettening my hand before counting them,but usually i not the one who count the note,this task is dropping on my cashier friend(my counter has two cashier,i act as the assistant)

i had been working for more than one week,many things happen everyday,i also learn many things,thx for my friends for teaching me.there are so kind,i am feeling pleasure to working with them.

they had been teaching me the technique to handle the fussy customer,the way to answer customer question,its a unvaluable experience.

but i am also afraid of somebody, like my superior,XX.
XX not only looking fierce but she also speak in a style that i dont prefer.
but my friend who had been working there long time,there said
"actually,if u are not doing wrong,she wont score u.She always speaking in the style like that,after u working for a long time, u will find out she is oOK

main point

everyday,i will be scold before home,because o short money evryday,and then when doing the daily finance report,i have many thing dont know,althought i know how to count money,but i cant count them smoothly.
Today, my superior didnt scold me,because i short 15sen ,hahahaha
the only day that i back with good mood~~~

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