September 10, 2012

Male rat dissection

The brain is not yet removed
Correction: the pair of prostate glands in the labelled diagram is not prostate glands, its actually scrotum, and inside the scrotum is testis.

View here for more detail reference about the urinogenital system of male rat.

Just in case if you need reference, this is it!

The above diagram is the labelled I made, can't guarantee if its 100% correct, cause there is the differences with the website I refered, anyhow, This is what I am going to attach in my report.

when the brain is removed

If its a female rat, you will find 3 openings there.

A- Anus
B- Vagina
C- Urethral opening
D- Nipple

Before dissection, we did some discussion with lecturer, we found 8 nipples on the dissected rat, don't know whether this is true for all female rat or only pregnant rat,
 awaiting for all of u to discover it =)

Some of my references..
These link help me in my labelling the rat's organs.

P/S: Just finish done my rat dissection report, I learn that it is very important to prepared well before start dissectiong the rat, this will help in identify the organs in the specimen and hence make the sacrifice of the rat more meaningful.

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