March 21, 2011

yummy yummy=)

went to steven last friday, enjoying a dinner there,

and here it is ^^
leftL: chicken chop with mushroom sause

right: steven fried rice

actually,there is one more restaurant at kemaman is quite okay.

it serve western cuisine

the ambience there is nice, not only yellow light, but transquil

wifi available

and you can enjoy the yummy food there with economic price!!This is the point,
i went there yesterday actually, but due do my handphone broken, and coincidentally my camera is battery empty, taking pix is unavailable.Btw, i am fond of the lemon grass fried rice there, special,unique, tasty.Highly recommend^^

opps,s orry, i forget to mention the restaurant, its Jack's Garden Cafe, which is located opposite SIS2(Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail II), the new shoplot there.

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