March 20, 2011

blueberry ChEesE cAkE^^

omg!!!it is 11.17,but yet i still want to blogging, actually i plan to blogging last few days, i mean last thursday,friday or saturday or sunday since i was no working, but i am so busy or when i want to use the comp, the computer was occupied, i mean my sister or brother use them.

hahaha, i am making cheese cake recently, actually not me made the cheese cake, i just go there and learn from my mummy's friend. She is seem like very professional, you know??so cool, she got everything even the one we use to sapu the whip cream on the cake, i am refer to the tools ,tat thing,actually, i intend to take more photo, during the decoration section, but then my handphone out of battery , photo.

i like to watch them to decorate the cake, it feel like very fruitful from a plain,simple cake, and you make it into colourful cake,just like the birthday cake you see at the shop.

Uhmmmm.plan to try it on my own, perhaps during april or may, coz i don't think i hav time this month, somemore, i need to buy the material, borrow the cooking, baking machine,tools from people, i mean i need time to prepare,. Hopefully when i did it, it will taste good la,hahahaha

some pic here, of the process

the cheese, castor sugar, and sour cream.....

beat the cheese, castor sugar until light.

the materials, but not everythings here.
somemore the aunty say, after finish baking, you hav to let the cake to chill completely inside and outside,so have to left it at room temperature for about 3 or 4 hours.

pour the mixture and arrange the filling, it can be up to you either to use blueberry or strawberry.

pour the balance mixture and steam bake at 160 degree celcius for one and a half hour.

this is do make the base, which is the chuncky biscuit, and i totally lovely it!they taste awesome!!
melt the butter and crush mary biscuits and stir in melt butter.

divide and press onto the base of the trays. chill for 15 mins or until needed.

prick base with the back of a skewer before pouring in the filling, this is done to so that the cheese filling will hold the biscuit together.

opps, forget to mention that, this is the cheese the aunty used. The aunty say that the brand is better and hence will produce tastier cheese cake.

ready to put into the oven to bake......

after one and a half hour......look tempting,right???

off the process, i was squeezing the lemon jiuce into the sour cream^^

when i beat the eggs to put into the cheese mixture, one of the egg accidentally break outside, and the aunty's daughter say we can apply the egg white as mask,hahaha~~

Ta daa~~~~~


here is the

blueBeRry CheEse Cake

look craving ,right??hahahaha

i plan to do the base solely this friday or saturday,coz only 2 simple step,hahahaha

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