May 23, 2009


i first knew "tag" was from either wen xi or zi ying 's blog.
i check the dic what is the meaning but my dic can't detect it.
and then the most recently TAG i saw often was A-Z,it seem fun,so i ask zi ying to tag meXD.
later,when i viewed sin yue's blog,she got tagging me ya,hahaha,first time being tag.
So there are...........

A_ Apple,dough nut from big apple
B_ secret
C_comment,i like to receive comments,msg ,just tat sometime i am lazy to reply only ma
D_dance dance,no oxygen,no life
E_ Eagerness,eager at culinary art coz i like ti eat
F_ friends forever and keep in touch always o~~~but u guys find me la,i am lazy to find ppl one.
G_Go ahead at anything u wanna to.either to ur best or dun even touching it.This is wat my friend advice me.
H_hard,many ppl say its hard to study Form 6,but i can't think like tat.If i think like tat,i will play truant oftenly,hahaha.
I_ Imagine is good for exercise our right-part-brain
J_Jolin Tsai is my top idol.althought her latest song is .....not very nice,but i will support her it only my wish tat cannot come true to see her in qian chang hui in Berjaya Time Square on6/6/09? my mom say we hav to find others ppl's convenient,damn hope to see her in flesh.
K_ KOK,my malay Friend inPLKN called me as"KOK"
L_ later,gt finsh my assignment
M_money , i need money to fulfill my desire for clothes,tuition,car petrol ,eating and many things and sms and telephoneing oso

O_ Original,pls come to original and simple life.Today,when i was hangging the clothes,i was thinking tat,doesn't tat good if human being no need to made u a lots of PROS
1. save ur time to wearing
2. save ur time to buy
3. save water as we no need to wash our clothes,in other word reduce water pollution,hence the organism can survive for longer,the Redang Island will maintain its beatiful for longer,the coral will more colourful,the fish will bigger
4. save ur money
5. save ur space in home as we no need to buy a shelf
Actually,the first reason of our ancestors to invent clothes is to keep our body warming only ma,y there's lots of innovation and derivation?

P_plkn IS wonderful althought the life there is hard,but if u think of the pros,u can live 3months there without air pollution,the hustle and bustle of the city,and ur parents gt less burden for 3 MONTHS and u can learn to become half modern and orang HUTAN

Q_ Q for cute^^
R_ Rush,always rushing when come together wif wc ,she walk so fAST
S_Strolling,Can i strolling or jalan-jalan around if i got my car license?
T_ T for Tackle
U_ UM,wish to enter UM after sTPM
V_V for victory
W_ War Craft,my bro playing tis game whenever he used to be wif computer. sometime he oso cut in when i was leaving computer awhile,and then after he quit the game,i need to wait for awhile for my computer to operate like normal speed.
Y_ Y should i be rasional?
Z_Zealous,learn this vocabulary in Yun Yee's blog

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