May 15, 2009

form 6:moving to the class

me and adeline
but yong liang and ling wei is not same class wif us,sob sob..

candid shoot of them,actually they wanna move to kelas kemanusiaan de,but teacher said,the original science stream student must stay in sc class first until the order from the pejabat pelajaran daerah kemaman is reached.
another take without the tali,3 lengluiz,hahaha
me and wan ching,we pertend like a college student,but the tali...OMG
using the short free time before moving session to snap shoots,just a few only la.
last thursay,we were finally enter our class.this is the ambience of my new class ,which is not having tables and chairs yet.According to Zi kang and adeline ,the block we are going to study now is the hottest block among all the building in the school.SO.
all of us hope to sit just right below the fan,hahaha,yea,we are still immature,esp when meet with friends.

shift all the tables and chairs from a store la!

i not sure that the store is a store or a scene for formal examination like PMR

during the briefing before shift into the class,teacher or lecturer? always emphasize tat we should studying hard as STPM is the second hardest examination worldwide after the japan.
i just jump into the conclusion tat we must learn independant now onwards,like u are carrying out xperiment all by urself,the arrangement of the apparatus,the procedure,precaution and then doing research,observation.answer the question all by urself,its an indivivual work,can't discuss wif ur friend.

SO,be independant,all of form 6 student move the tables and chair from a third floor building to another building,can u thinking of tat?
at first ,i think tat its hard,after dealing with the affair,wooh!still hard,but not hard as i imagine.

u oso can get the feeling of new student in sis


  1. Wow.. I hope you guys won't get heat stroke in dat class.. Really.. IT'S VERY VERY HOT!G'luck anyway !!^^

  2. really? it sound horrible,i am puteri lilin le,later when sweat get out too much,how about my clothes???

  3. LOL! i think u better bring a lot of tissues and drink a lot of water or else u'll melt! G'luck!^^

  4. Wa...why no me de in the pic?? and lin wei should be included in the pic du!! hehe

  5. chris:
    i just saw ur comment by now.
    hahaha,y ler?

    y u and lin wei didn't come to 6Bs2 when i was snapping ler?

    ok la,next time i put everyone de photo in my blog,hahahaha

    esp su yan.


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