May 28, 2009

last day before mid-year holiday

adeline was going to MPK? to serve teacher in conjunction for the teachers' day celebration

wei leong,wat is the name of this guy?
shu yuan,qian,ching
shu yuan dun like taking photo,but i instill to put her inside

zi kang .me. wc

pretending hardworking ,hahaha.

i felt dissapointed because today i had snap a great shoot which the ppl are wei han and hui ling.
its great because wc and me put our finger on their head(virtualy),so its pretty fun.
but wei han discovered she had been snaped,thus she immediately head toward me and pulled my ear off ,threatened me to delete the i felt pretty "ke xi".....

and then the wei han o...i thought she will just pinch the ears of boys only,but she treat me like the same too.omg....

thus,there are 3 ppl who do not like to take photos in our class: wei han,hui ling and shu yuan

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