May 20, 2009

white elephant

gosh, i still mind about the money that i paid evening just now...

this evening,i was in bad mood(cannot solve the mathematic problem,yet still have many household chores was not yet done),at the same time,i heard the music tat indicate ice-cream was selling,so i decided to buy a cone ice-cream . i like to eat cone ice-cream after i am coming back from the nasional service.there is a simple grocery shop cum bistro at there for trainers to buy groceries like hanger,biscuit,100 plus and ......Sometimes,i would buy cone ice-cream while i make a call(there are public phones just right beside the bistro)

i thought ateing ice-cream would made me feel better or great because i am feeling so each time enjoying the cone ice-cream.i have a little affection for cone-icecream since then.because its totally delicous and yummy and sweet and cool and refreshing.

however,the ice-cream i ate today was such a crap,and then it cost me Rm3.oo.omg,so costly.and i bought it for two,it was my treat for my little brother.Usually,the cone ice-cream is around Rm2.20-2.80 only,and the quality of the ice-cream is great.

the ice-cream that i ate in nasional service is either magnolia(the spelling is wrong...or right,but its sth like this) and nestle.and today's ice-cream is an unknown brand(i forgot to glimpse the brand).omg,expensive,doesn't have chocolate at the bottom of cone,the biscuit was not crispy(lou feng),does not had chocolate layer around the cone,does not have tiny chocolate at the top,very unsatisfied a!

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