May 15, 2009

KS(photo from my hp)

cheok and lili

both of us are anak merdeka,i am excited to saying this.
we had been birth at same hospital,same class during the 5 years in secondary school.wat a coincidence!!!!!!consider him as my zi mui,hahaha

lyme,shuh hong like to take pic in front of the sInK.wakakaka

ambience there
a pretty shoot of zu ning,its hard to eat out wif her.HOnestly,i dun hav chance to chat wif her focusly,coz majority of us are busying snap shoots.i still wan pics from zhuang kiang.
qiang and ming de candid
euan,studying broadcast in Tar
this is the n-times,ie,the first batch ppl just came back from nasional service
wc and wen peng(i know he called boon peng),but i like to write as wen peng,coz its the way i pronounce him
i had take wif choon siong several times,dun noe which photo ,he said he smile perfunctorily,so another take.Can you guys differentia which is the perfunctory smile one?i guess the above one.thx choon siong for not take perfunctory photo wif me.

yunn li and me.honestly, i think tis photo is nice,hehehe
qi qian n wc
because i saw her face is sooo cute.
i wan to focus the ppl between the purple girl and the black girl de
dun noe which time dy
qi qian n chia ying
candid shoot of zhuang kiang.
me and ying,yue and ying's msn title always put their homework,can't imagine if i am start studying,how heavy is my homework.
sin yue(no spelling wrong gua)see,how happy she smile,XD,but she said she is very tired now
ehaun is oso leave yesterday,it seem like everybody went to KL dy~~i will miss u de.
water closet
i think u guys see dy,in wc de blog

KS (KEmaman station ) is a bistro tat 91gengzz always go to yc,YAM cha.
everytime,i will take pics for the purpose to feed my blog,so as this too.the photos i shown above is mixing dy,i mean mixing of 2 time of yc.if not mistaken i think is
1. before chia ying go KL
2. wen peng 's birthday and before zhuang kiang went KL

for ur information,u can go here for other article of the same scene

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