January 11, 2013

Hydrocarbon test on combustion and halogenation

So neither cyclohexene and cyclohexane is benzene  

11st January 2013: Doing combustion test on cyclohexane and cyclohexene

Observation on cyclohexane: bright red luminous flame (as shown in the pic above), less sooty

Observation on cyclohexene: bright red luminous flame, more sooty due to presence of double bond

for both comnustion, the product is carbon dioxide and water, try to write the equation yourself. Don't forget to balance the equation afterwards.

Reaction with bromine in dichloromethane

A n B are cyclohexane
C n D are cyclohexene
E n F are toluene

Toluene or methylbenzene is hazardous!!Breathing in small amount of toluene will cause diziness, headache, just like any other paint.Large amount could make permanent brain damage!

A, C, E put in the dark place for 10 minutes
B, D,F under the sunlight

still, all showing ntg change, like no reaction.

Me say Hi and Peace to u! 

I got the idea to take some pics while our lecturer say we look like surgeons in this look,hahaha.

Be very careful when handle hyfdrocarbon, espcially unsaturated compound like alkene, arene, aromatic compound and PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon). There are highly reactive and avoid smelling directly, and burning chamber and wearing gloves , and put on the mask!

Well, I used to wearing gloves while dealing with 6M of hydrochoric acid too!

From left: Surgeon Moshini, Surgeon Khairul,Surgeon Shireen, and yours truly!

I did it on Thursday,


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