January 28, 2013

Video shooting appreciation

I really want to vomit out all my thought here, I finally done with my video shooting!!!The video shooting is actually a part of my English assignment. My lecturer ask us to do a 20% carry mark presentation, and the title is FREE, you can do anything you would like to present including, composition, drama, talent show and video shooting, you can perform Magic like Jay Chou if you wanted.

 Woohoo! Its kind of burden coz I kept thinking about it, the idea how to shoot them , the story line and etc.However I did  really enjoy it ,you will know what I mean later.

Erm.... there would be more to come, now in the stage of edit the video ,Teehee~~

Basically, this is a post to express my appreciation to all the people who contribute towards this video. Erm....I know you could hardly understand it, I didn't put any video here so you can't get the visual imagination. But well, I MUST blog it here today!!! For the time I still have strong feeling towards it!

Me with my partners in crime, Wen Xi, the biggest head one,hahaha. Zi ying who look likes Yuri from Girl's Generation, Me!

Let me tell you something, I just briefly told them about my idea of shooting, they really got it, and gave me some very good suggestions to make it more interesting. 

Thx God they just come in right timing, I could rob them just at the right time, this video shooting couldn't  be complete with a great and satisfied ending without two of them. 

Other than two of them, thank you to my parents for being so supportive to help me to complete my assignments, they brought to buy some durians, knowing that I don't know how to crack open it, my mum already prepared it, and put them nicely into tupperware.

Not to forget my little sister and brother too,  though while they were doing the props, they watched TV, its okay, I did watch too! In the end, we burnt the midnight oil until 2.30am.

 On the first day of shooting, I actually planned to depart at 1pm, but then still many things leave unsettled.In the end, we leave at 4pm. See the durian graphic in the props? Its done by Wen Xi.

 Zi Ying help me to solve a very important technical problems, I will not go out if the song was still cannot fixed.

Last but not least, this is what I think about durian. I think I won't put my video inside, I kept stumble and in the middle of like and dislike......

BTW,many bloopers will be uploaded soon.

The real video will be uploaded after my presentation, I want to make my presentation is the premier for the video. Teehee~~

I think God really bless on me,  I was having lunch with Xixi at kemaman Station. I told her I miss the bunch of 91Gengz always yum cha in the kemaman station. And guess that, few hours later, after we did a video shooting behind Kemaman Station, we went to Kemaman Station to discuss sth about tomorrow's stuff.Its only 3 of us.

Without any message or text, the bunch of mischievous gengzz having yum cha sessions at the same places too! We end up yc together like all the time we used to.

I think I make a right decision for coming back to Kemaman, coz initially I planned to stay at KL, to accompany my friends and to do revision so that I no need to study much during CNY. Whatever it is, I think even if I stay in KL, God will guide me the way, and all that I need to do is just living my life, being myself.

End my post here with a big thank you to Wen Xi and Zi Ying!

Wen Xi blog about What is Durian to you too! Click here to view about first shooting day and second shooting day.I am busy editing video now, will upload more frequently after done with editting.

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