January 9, 2013

#RED 2013 Kenny Rogers Roaster

 So me and my friend, two of us, two lonely girls,hahahaha, went there to seek for cure,hahaha, not bad though, just one thing that quite dissapointed me, marshed potato and gravy is really TASTELESS! like plain water, really tasteless!

 And because its this promotion, so they already choose the 3 sides dishes for us, that is Mashed potato and Gravy, Coleslaw, and BBQ baked bean.Its okay,we already get buy 1 free 1 promotion, what's more can I ask.

Everything is nice, except the marshed potato. I love marshed potato and quite esctatic when they select marshed potato as one of the side dishes (yeepee~~)but then.......

I know this was not the original taste of the marshed potato from Kenny Rogers Roaster, I have had been try it long long time ago, not really long actually, erm..last year at Kuantan, Berjaya Megamall together with my love one.And tat time, the marshed potato is REALLY TASTE LIKE MARSHED POTATO, unlike PLAIN WATER. Doesn't mean to provoke any issue here, perhaps its too many people, that's why it happened, and me as a consumer, feel the need to let them know.Overall, I still love their Roaster Chicken!!!

I ordered an original Roaster Chicken, at the first taste of it, it was like "HI, long time no see!" the aroma of roaster chicken still there.

 I did put on sth red, notice the RED tank top of mine??

and yea, chocolate raisin muffin is LOVE~~`
had not been trying Banana Raisin yet, perhaps next time.

P/S: just viewed the KRR Facebook Page, there are muffin props for Mid Valley branches, Leisure Mall's don't have...=( (if you wander why I am sad for that, its because I love taking pictures!)

okay, so 
 I end this post with a RED tank top from Dancing Betty, I think its pretty good, but quite expensive for me , end up I didn't buy anything, but a MASSIMO bread for my breadfask tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Enjoy reading^^

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