February 2, 2013

Review: Hairdressing.com.my

WOOHOO, finally get the parcel of my long awaiting hair curler and heat resistance hair protecting oil from Hairdressing.com.my.

Let me tell you something, I really want to find something new this year, I mean maybe hair, make up, dress or what. Somehow I get the idea on how to start with new change after reading this post from Nicole, a blogger.Yea, perhaps I can do some curling hair for my CNY look....(erm...your hair is not long enough,its okay, my sis can use it if I can't,try on it then you will know)

SO,I went to the website she link there to find the hair curler, FYI, I don't know anything about hair curler, don't know how to curl my hair either, I assume the price of hair curler is almost same with hair straightener which around Rm 30++.

I was quite taken aback when I got to view that almost all hair curler is RM 100++ above. Again, I really don't know anything about hair curler tong,  not at all.Therefore I do extensive research about the product, you should know that as a student who slammed a that amount of  bucks  for that is really something  to think properly.

My extensive research:

I  went to youtube to see how is hair curling done.


I went to those specialise shop for selling item to take a look for the real item and for sure compare the price.The shop I was looking offer RM 130 for V&G Pro hair ceramic tong. For sure, I go for the cheaper one, which is Rm 115 including shipping from the website.


I went to google search why ceramic, why not iron barrel, why titanum...the diameter.....bla bla and so on.

Here is one of the video I viewed
Actually, I don't know  which diameter I should take, in this video she did mention that she used 1 inch= 2.54cm , so I picked up 25mm for my hair curler tong.Also I picked up a heat resistance protector because not only I saw her using heat resistance product, other girl who has high ranking view also did the same thing.

That's why I picked up this for the same reason ^^.

Arhh, I think I have go too much away, I am doing review here.

Hairdressing.com.my is definitely my choice, they sell a variety of brands of hair product here, and of course, its cheaper if you compare with the shop.

For instance, I have a sample of Loreal Mythic Oil-Rich oil, I already tested on it, the outcome is satisfied, I already added it into my wishlist.

Wishlist is one of my favorite things here.After you sign in, you can go to the product link you want, then the page will be shown like below..

 See, the "Add to Wishlist" button?

After you add into your wishlist, you can even rate your priority

or you can even share your wishlist,

I didn't type the personal message hairdressing.com.my have even done it for me!!Anyway, you can still change to your own message and insert your families, friends' email inside, and let them know it! Hahaha, I knew I am going to use this features for my christmas celebration. (Still a long time to go, other time, I can buy for myself la)

(the babyliss pro hair curler tong together with the super taper like super cheap le...)

I think Wishlist features here is ideal for me, for me who like

 "oh yea, this is cheap",


 "that one is useful",

"this is really the one I long for"

I always have many items in my cartlist, now, I can rate it with the priority, I can slowly eliminate it one by one after selecting all the products I want.And I can just leave it like there, come back next time to eliminate or include more.

Other than that, they have product categories column,product search link and search by brands

Girls, thinking about what to buy for your man this Valentines? Go to "For Men" tab might give you some idea!

And yea, CNY is just one week from one, hurry buy some before its too late,they are now having 10 % of for the first 300 customers.

philosophy for Hairdressing.com.my based on 3 notes below:

We maintain low prices everyday

We ensure quality and 100% genuine products

We deliver high quality service to customers

They really do their talk for the third note, delivery using Yamato service which is really a good service, currently serves in Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru. I really thumbs up for their services.

Using Yamato Ta-Q-bin delivery service,you can choose date and time frame of your parcel delivery. Delivery include weekends & public holidays. You don't have to worry that your parcel would not be attended anymore! I even check the rate its Rm 14 for the cheapest rate, and I get free delivery =)

 Okay, perhaps I have talk too long here, but I hope you don't skip this part...

 I got an email from Hairdressing.com.my after they have sent out my parcel, so that I can track my delivery. I was on absence during their first time delivery, then I called them ,( me is gan cheong to get my hair curler tong before CNY!!).

Ooops, wrong branches, but the crew there really have a nice service, 

You call this number, if you can't reach them, I will help you to check upon it.

 They even give me the driver's number to ensure I can get my parcel. This is what the Good service call , the way they act give me a good impression and I feel secure using service from them. 

Thanks to Hairdressing.com.my!! =)

FYI, you can request for re-delivery for free after the first time. Though I get it at not the time slot I request, and its bits of late, I still have a good impression to them. Most probably because of their good services.


(From hairdressing.com.my)

lets say if you receive a damage item from them.....you can still get help from them

Incorrect/Incomplete/Defected/Damaged Items
If you received your items that has been damaged or missing from order, kindly contact us immediately within 3 business days from receipt date.

Damaged items
For damages, please provide description and photos of the damaged item as well as the condition of any packaging and report to Hairdressing.com.my customer support within 3 work days at +603 2141 0944 or send email to enquiry@hairdressing.com.my. But please keep all items, boxes, and packing material shipped exactly as you received it for inspection. Our customer support will advise you the next step.
You can still get help from them

Click the customer tab from hairdressing.com.my to know more.

okay, end my review here. Make sure you go to hairdressing.com.my for more information.

Happy Saturday to everyone here =)

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