February 4, 2013

My first self-made video-What is Durian to you??


To complete my english assignment....Passed with flying colours =)
To introdure Durian to foreigner tourist..Achieved =)
To make a funny, amusing video that entertaint people.....Do you find it funny??


I have no idea what to do for my 20% carry mark English assignment, my lecturer allow us to present in any form ,slide show, live drama, talent show, composition, novel review...anything as long as its presentation.

Watching last batches senior doing video shooting look like very fun, they are not merely video shooting,but movie making!!I decided to go for video shooting which is the things I never try before.

Miss didn't limit us on our title, so actually its quite headache for me to think about the title.All I know is, if I want to make a video, it would be sth amusing, entertainted.

I knew some of the youtube celebrity like Ryan Higa, Jinny boy who they are famous for acting hilarious in their video.I watched their video hope to get some inspiration from them.

I was in the midst of watching Niga's (Ryan Higa aka Niga Higa) how Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber break out while waiting to load for one of his video that featured he try on Durian in Malaysia.

After laughing like hell, about the JB and SG video (In fact, I already watched them the 5th, 6th times ady, he speaks too fast,my english is ..average. I can only get the rough idea of what he was talking about, still everytime when I watched the video, I still LOLOLOLOL) After LOLOLOL, I went to view this video, I guess I skip the front part, I thought he was saying You know you like go on a roller coaster like 10 times  after he tried on Durian.

I was like...what kind of objective? description is that? Is that meaning GOOD or POOR? So I decided to run a project on this =)

Okay, so now I am going to show off first of my self made video!!!

What is Durian to you_Part 1

featured Kumo, sweet pretty girl
featured Ed from Australia
featured Henry who is English American
featured Mike from Philipines

What is Durian to you??_Part 2

Featured Yanie and Izoe from Malaysia
Featured Chris from France
Featured Mike and Ayu from Kazakhstan
Featured my 2 darlings Wen Xi and Zi Ying, as Malaysian students who study oversea =)

What is Durian to you??_Part 3

featured Caroline from France
featured Loman from France
featured Philate from Finland
featured The Rock....from KEMAMAN, Malaysia
featured my beloved Kim from Malaysia
featured Us dance party Rock Anthem

What is Durian to you??_Blooper

Featured sth in part 3 why Zi Ying and Wen Xi keep teasing about me not calling them as a FRIENDS

Featured I gave Kim a durian as she was our last interviewee ^^

My speech:
1. Appreciation , and yea not forgeting all the 13 interviewees in the video above!

2. Lets pay a little tribute to Wen Xi's RICOH GR digital 4 which was used in this video shooting, her camera fall into seawater and spoiled. Lets have a one second of deep condolence to her camera. (Salute her camera),Dun sad wen Xi, U have ur Samsung Galaxy 3 with u,perhaps it cannot replaced the RICOH, yet, its another choice too. RIP...or temporary RIP??

3. I learnt many things throughout the  process, like my side profile is ...not really nice, and I got to know some of my expression that I don't even know!..According to Johari Window that I learnt from Communication skill, I GET TO DISCOVER A LOT OF MY BLIND AREA (ie, sides that other people know but inknown to self). I also found out some of my bad sides here..which I shouldn't discuss here =P

I got to learn how to edit video for sure, thank you to friends that keep praising my editting skill, I am overjoy!! Hahaha, I will teach you, babe, U know who you are.Anyway, I spent about 4 or 5 days to edit them!!!I really put on a lot of effords on it, and well I enjoy it cause I really satisfied with the outcome and Great Satisfication when everyone can view my video and feel entertainted or funny or amusing or anything, so do view it, okay, and give me the PASS so that I can say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED like Agent Hunt?Ethan? (Tom Cruise) in Ghost Protocol =)

I made it, it's know as Animated GIF, only few minutes ago I knew.

btw, this is video loaded post, click here and here for pictures loaded post. =)

4. Study mode turn off, and Switching on CNY mode!!!Hooray!!(Erhmmm....a physic test 2 tomorrow)



still give me a PASS if you feel you are entertainted, okay?? =)

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!


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