February 16, 2013

Third, forth and fifth CNY day =)

Third lunar day 年初三
 I choose to write about third lunar day instead of first day because I follow the order of my handphone, hahahaha.

all I want to talk is about this asam laksa!!!super nice, super delicious, super awesome!! 自从我吃了这盘asam laksa 以后,就不再留念其他地方的asam laksa了,因为是在实套好吃!!!The main reason is the aunty who cooked this Asam laksa put a lot on ikan kembung inside, unlike outside one...as you can see from the photo above, the soup, its quite concentrated,  me really super in love with it,already asked the aunty the recipe to make it, will try to make it if I can eat (mackerel)ikan kembung in the future >.<

The recipe:
The aunty cooked for 10 adults like that, so she used 2kg of ikan kembung. First, steam the ikan kembung, separate the flesh with tulang (fish bone).

2. Blend it with onion(more precisely shallot,ie bawang merah in Malay), a small portion of belacan, cabai (dry chillies I think), and blend it.

3. Cook the blended with asam, and bunga laksa, if not the laksa won't become spicy or ...won't taste like asam laksa?

4. ready to serve with the ...laksa noodle

this is only the rough idea on how to make it, from what I recalled, google it if u are really interested bah =) btw, I found a really interesting recipe about asam laksa here.

 Oh, I should start with introduction...we decided to go to Ipoh on the third day, in consequence fetch my sis back to Kampar, so we made it Ipoh one day trip, but our relative is so nice, they let us to drop by their house first, before start the journey.

We were greet by Asam laksa once we entered their mansion, and their mansion is superb lo! after there, Karaoke session, they even have a karaoke system which you saw in the K-box,that come with a stack of song list in a book, like menu...impressive....

Went to dun noe what temple after that...

 this is the temple where I got to eat candy, a mandarin and an ang pau that need to keep inside the purse. The elderly ask us to finish all the candy, mandarin at once after the pray pray session. Well, for our own good =)

 Went to this restaurant after that, which according to my uncle, is a very famous restaurant there. A little small dissapointment is I thought they will serve 油饭 (oily rice),but they serve plain white rice..=(....overall, still okay la, I ate with my family and my uncle and cousin,their roasted chicken and duck are crunchy too! not a big deal =)

Forth lunar day 年初四

Oh yea, you know how we snap the pic of these desserts??
Once, there were served, we actually very drooling ady, so we just simply shoot it, I used the term "we", coz my sister shoot using her and me using mines.and proceed to EAT!

 #asam laksa 2, guilty rating 3/5 for break fast and break my eating rule.(not a big deal, CNY is everything,hahahaha)

So, we indulged ourself with those mouth-watering light snacks with my gramma before heading home...(oh oh oh, balik kampung~~~) x2

Fifth lunar day(年初五)

Reached home around 11pm yesterday, last dinner at 4pm at Tasik Panempang, the first feeling when I woke up this morning was I was very HUNGRY!!

I woke up early in the morning because it would be another good day for me also =), CNY outing with my secondary aka best friends.

 Went to Dugong or Duyong, Cherating , also the place where I made the durian videos,  to have dinner there. BTW, this is my outfit of the day =)

a pale look of me after not-really- completely-out-of-exhaustion-look after 6,7hours of balik kampung journey and after CNY outing.

okay, so that's all from me, 

Gong Xi Fa Cai??

Happy Valentine's day??

me is still one more week from my Final exam...nvr, more and more celebration after my exam,hahahaha(evil grin)

sign off with love for everyone here <3 br="">

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