December 2, 2012

Self portrait of mine with love

 just a short update from Langkawi here. Erm...basically I don't know where I got the gut to post my selca pic here. Hahaha, but my photos okay wat #narcisstic rate full,ignore this girl,but view her pic before#

 okay, maybe because I was wearing something that i don't usually wear, so I am in mood of shotting myself,hahaha. This tube blouse I actually bought in during my lower 6 times ,but I seldom deck it out, its quite inconvenient as you know.

  my OOTD , like kindda failed, I think it would be better with skinny jeans, I didn't bring any long pants jean s to KL because I thought I want to switch to another style, I wouldn't put it on coz if I bring the jeans with me, I will definitely wear it most of the time, I won't take time to think how to mix&match.

Second day OOTD

and I end with my and my cousin and my ah shou here. Thx you for reading, have a nice weekend ahead!

I think I am 
indulge in the mood of joy
everything here is fine,good
and I enjoy it


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