November 29, 2012

ice-cream___Baskin Robin ice-cream___=)

So yea, I got the invitation to Baskin Robin finale, it was held in Publika which I don't know where is the place, I started off journey around 5pm like that, the registration start at 7pm.

But....but 2 hours is not only for driving , we went to eat before heading there. Neh! the food above, posting here just to show they didn't cut their vegetable smaller which is so unconsiderate for me!

 Papago directed us the beginning of the journey, and then when about to reach, it point no where already...... I had to ask people in Petrol Station the direction getting there.LOL, its actually a stone throw distance from the petrol station.

Awh....we think we are great we make it! hahahaha, I mean we dare to take the risk dun know where is the location and just simply drive there. Of course la, I did google map before going there. FYI, I drove all the way from Batu 9, Hulu Langat.

And here, I think I only drove 3/10 parts, my friend drove the rest journey, cause I wanted to use Papago. Any comment on the usage of Papago? BTW, I think I set 7eleven Sri Hartamas as my destination.

before the event started
I was going there for Jamoca Almond Fudge, FYI, each of the nuffnanger was needed to choose a propaganda that you think is the best from among the 5 candidates la, yea, sort of like election, a Baskin Robin flavour election where the winner will get his/her campaign run through the next whole year.

So yea, the flow of the event.

All nuffnangers who got the invites must proceed here first, to register in order to get a free T-shirt. Coz you are only allow to get FREE FLOW of ice-cream by decked it out.Erm...personally I think the man who did registration is quite leng zai....bit of shy to talk to him xP

And there is different colours of T-shirt depends on which candidate you choose, I choose Joyce Wong ( and she represent the flavour Jamoca Almond Fudge.and I got creamy yellow colour for that.

Frankly, I don't know who is her actually, I simply choose her because some of the people I know choose her. In fact, my favourite flavour among the 5 (scroll up to see the banner for the 5 Flavours) is Cookies and cream, before I tried all the flavour la.

Little girl like me(cheh) has big sweet tooth.creamy, cheese FAVOURITE!!

me with my chosen candidate.

(cough) vain pic of me in Publika toilet, and hey its not only me to snap in toilet only okay? Many people also did that. I didn't mean to follow them, I just like how the lighting, the setting is good for snapping.
Before changing

After...with my friend Zhi Ying.She is so niceee, let me told u how I decided to ajak her out and to share free flow ice-cream with her.

So this part onwards will describe how I met her (sounds like going to a romantic story, but no, its not, okay). Just wanted to let u know you may skip this part if you are not interest reading on it.

The night before the day, the Baskin Robin finale day, Its unusual, I was unable to sleep, not insomia yet, I kept thinking about something and I am very upset about it. til like 2 or 3am, I couldn't tolerate it anymore, I went online FB to find some people to chat.

And she is one of 3 people that I FB chat with. BAsically I teling them all the same stuff, my emo problem lo....and they consoled  me ,feel much better after that. That night is the FIRST EVER night I slept at 5am.

Me and Zhi Ying have not been meet each other like ages already, so she kept suggest the date to meet out but I am busy every weekend as its the last month of 2012. When I checked my email, I knew that I get the invation and could bring along a plus one, so I choose her for it. She ate 6 scoops of ice-cream while me only 2 scoops, guilty and full for stuff icey things in my stomach at the nitez.

US with the mascot of BR

Oh dear BR mascot,  why are you so shy but at the sametime u still pose a piece sign??

Met with Carolinemayling, a famous blogger also. She was also one of the factor make me choose Jamoca.

Nana, chuckei's friend, didn't expect to meet her here. And I actually wanna where is chuckei.

Vain me #3 xP  Just wanna show that I was eating a lot of ice-cream, free flow of ice-cream. And trust me Pralines and cream is the most delicious among the five. MUst try! Both me and Zhi ying think its the best. I also want to try on rum raisin the next time which recommend my Zhi Ying's friend. Rum Raisin is not available there. Cause we could only choose the 5 flavours that involve in the campaign.

ICe-cream eating competition
See the way they gobbled up, you knew they were go all out of it. But don't they think its very cold??

To one point, after she eating like 6 scoops, she full already, and me insist to go gai gai inside (just want to stroll around) . I havent been to Publika, must loitering around. To be honest, ntg much to buy there, all selling exclusive stuff , and somehow it give me a feeling of Upper East side of Manhattan, perhaps there is Mont Kiara International school there, or perhaps many rich people staying in this area , then  an international school settled here. And from the way they dress up, the way they speak, I could know that they are from upper east class too. Erm....not suit for me.

I think I will only going there when I want to try on the Fat boy burger and when there is any special event there.

and to mark the end of the event...

(drum roll..)

congratz to Proudduck for win over the campaign. So we’ll be getting FREE upsize with purchase of double junior scoops  starting next year and throughout the year on weekdays from 10am - 3pm. 

The event end like 10pm like that. Went to Daiso before heading back....initally was back to my hostel in Batu 9, but then  its too late, so I followed Zhi Ying to her hostel. Have a great supper with super big screen projector together. It remind me how I miss the feeling of watching television in home or anywhere.

I was so esctatic to see this, good food everywhere~~
It's located in GK=Genting Klang, I love here because they are all operated by local Chinese but not any foreign labour.

Dun know what its call, but NIce! Better eat something before going sleep with ice-cream in my stomach.

Thank you Zhi Ying for being my companion and thrilled the event, a big thank you. =)

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