November 27, 2012

Things to note when buy clothes in Berjaya Time Square

Last Saturday, I went to Berjaya Times Square.(Sound like writing a primary essay). Initially I was just accompany my friend to buy her wedding dinner night dress for her sister's wedding, but then end up I bought 3 pieces of apparel too. The picture shown is one of the 3,

and this is the 2nd and 3rd pieces that I bought, a hand knitted ...cardigan...or long as u understand la XP

the 3rd pieces is the red tube inside. I got the idea of wearing a red tube, singlet from the model that decked out this hand knitted cardigan, which give me a feeling of christmas. And so, I BOUGHT IT!

 Actually, I blog this post because I wan to show the details of this dress to you.So this is IT, sorry for bits of oblivious as the colour of the lace match with my door.hahahaha

Neh, an clear one, the lovely lace is love, I knew , Tats why I bought it , but then when I went to try after I come back, I am quite dissapointed and feel cheated. Its not that the dress didn't suite me, but the button design cum the flexible rubber exposed my tummy part.

So the advises I would like to give to all the lady and u and whoever going to Berjaya Times Square are

 Most of the boutiques in Berjaya Times Square do not allow consumer to try on their good, as they already offer a good price (Rm 10, 15, 25, 30,35)and sometimes they will mention its free size, cannot try.You are advised to try out immediately inside toilet after buying,perhaps the vendor there allow you to change to another clothes, size. (Make sure you ask them first la)

 Unless if you are very sure that you could fit the clothes very well, mirrors are provided everywhere in shops, but please think about every aspect. The length of the dress, the fabric, the flexibility, and so on.

Like me as an example, I found out the dress is lovely, I already stand in front of the mirror like 3 or 4 minutes, still, I didn't expect my tummy part will expose due to button cum rubber design.

 Must be full of imagination! LOL. Must be very careful when try out clothes with rubber, buttons details.Don't ever think if if look nice of model, than you will suit you, you must always imagine when you are fatter than the standard, skinny model!

 Depend on the fabric of the clothes, expect the length of the dress will be shorter when you put on, kneel down. My dress is too short that there are almost out!

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