November 4, 2012

Good girl gone wild!

 Hahahaha, I don't know whether u guys believe it, but I actually made it! I am refer to the H-Artistry pinnacle party of 2012 that held yesterday in Malaysia International Exhibition and Conventional Centre(MIECC) at the Mines.

I got to know the party from a blog and I actually did take part, trying my best to win it. So the result is very obvious do I did to mention I made it!

At viva home's subway, our Prince William was having his sanwich! Not the Prince william la, he is Actually my friend's friend.

 I actually upload this photo to my FB simultaneously, my bf say no wonder that person ask whether I look like Malay or not, now I deeply need your comment, do u think I look like Malay here? or Sabahan?

 Each of the FB winner would get 4 invitations to the party, so Don is one of the lucky girl,hahaha

 Don started to set up on 4pm already, I just started at 5.30pm something*giggle*, I was tired la, planned to set my hair too, but time rushiiing...

BTW, this is my look of the day, thank you to Don for the make up, her ear rings, and the clutch. Obviously, I should buy things earlier, never mind, I could buy now, sure I will use them again in the future.

William, just wanted to focus him, but didn't notice I put the Old town White Coffee inside.

We went to MIECC by shuttle bus, and hey if you are going H-Artistry in the future, please don't go there by shuttle bus, the tossing journey , and the traffic jam made me headache before I join the party already.

Fortunately, I went to eat fried rice at M-bistro, one of the bistro in MIECC before I get inside. I don't know whether I am too hungry or what, I finished the fried rice alone just in 4 or 5 mins, usually It take me about 10 minutes to finish it.

Another reason I insist to eat before party because its better not to drink with empty stomach, my friend told me one. She said, in this way, the alcohol won't be absord into our body that fast.

Given during the registration, I didn't use them at all, no-tat-all!

Just go on reading


Star-struck with Felixia Yeap, a beautiful bombshell.I first now her during the movie Nasi Lemak premiere
 I was so reluctant to upload this pic, u know? (even now I am typing this sentence, I pressed the keyboard so hard.)

First, the height. (its okay, she is model what,ceh ceh)

Second, make up, I look so pale beside her even though I ady put on the make up which I think was quite heavy.

Third, the boobs, need mention more? I'm going to roar u coz I'm envy now.

Other than that, I was trying to searching for some bloggers too, I knew they will be there, but perhaps they were at Zone V,S, O , so I couldn't meet them, wanting to snap with them so much.But I think Samantha Kong did pass by in front of me one moment, she is also one of the blogger I want to shoot with.

Oh yea, the party divided into 4 zones, zone V is the most privileged, just around the stage. Zone S and Zone O were the corner higher than floor, and yes floor is occupied by zone P. Since I got the invitation through FB contest, so I only got to enter zone P. So, Hennessy, give me blogger zone invitation , please?

 I forgot to snap the performers on the stage,as I already got bit of tipsy before the show started. The show started quite late lar.However, they really rocked the stage, standing on the Mezzanine floor, I could see that those performers , esp Alexandra Burke went all out, what I could say that is I did enjoy their performance. 

Just waiting for the show to start

Leng zai and leng lui in the house.

 Wanted to take with them also.

 The stage with the screen, its so cool so me.

 Just trying to get some stage shoot, couldn't get better coz I am in the zone P.

William, he seem like can drink a lot, still sober?

I actually drank only less than 2 glasses, its enough to knock me off.

and Hey you know how much is the percentage of alcohol? Its is 40%, 

and VSOP stand for Very Superior Old Pale

and its a type of cognac

Cognac is a type of brandy that is produced in the Cognac region of France. The name is also used to describe any very fine quality brandy. Small portions of brandy are often served as after-dinner drinks in large glasses called snifters. After enjoying the strong smell, tiny sips allow the drink to be savored for a long time.

 Finally manage to snap 4 of us vividly.

 Do you know what is on the trend now? its Dude carrying clutch!

Thanks to Don, Juhann and William, I don't whether I would be having so much fun without you guys. Though 3 of u have to thanks me for the ticket too,hahaha. Sama-sama la then.

 Juhann pose like a winner ,man~

Finally, last pic of us, oh gosh, I think we look like regular clubber la.

P/S: btw, Have you ever wonder why I put the title "Good girl gone Wild!"? Because frankly I think I am good girl. Good girl as in did not go clubbing. Because I knew many of my friends clubs several times already, and this is only my second time went clubbing. The first time clubbing was not a really clubbing also, but the bar did provide dance floor la.

One thing I dislike is  people smoke during club(Smoker, if you do smoke, I just pouring my moaning and groaning here, no offence yea), first I hate the smell. Second, yesterday I went straight to sleep after went back home, and I slept with cigarette smell, because of my hair trap the smell!

Party hard, party smart, party responsibly- from Hennessy Artistry

Party is good with friends, party is better with closer friends!- from Me!

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