December 16, 2012

My impression about Langkawi

Finally, I could dig out sometime to blog, I mean I could have plenty of things to blog about, but I am more keen to read on other's blog ,then after that, I think I should have blog mine, update my blog so that it wont worn out, hehehe.

okay, I finally finish my mid-sem test, so have a little time to blog here.

I start the story with..I went to Langkawi for relative wedding,FYI, this was my first time step into this island, before this my idea about Langkawi is

yea, Eagle Square in KUah town

 I first learn about langkawi was from moral textbook during my primary schooling time, and that it introduce langkawi to us by showing this pic, so my first idea about langkawi is langkawi is only about eagle square only.

but then
after visiting there..
Langkawi is about
 Beach and seaside

and because Langkawi is an island so beaches is all around near some place, and hence more and more resorts and hotel, motels are build alongside.

Just like Cherating in Kuantan, opinion, the beach and the resorts in Langkawi is just like 10times scale bigger version of Cherating.Both are about narrow road with some stalls at the two sides of roads.Other than stalls, there are some bistro, pub, souvenir shops and kind of stuff like beach wear, batik seeling along the road,oh, I need to mention that its only refer to Pantai Tengah here. Eagle Square is located at Kuah Town.

And if you ask me which one is better, it would be obviously Langkawi, mainly due to the beach, the crystal clear beach. Langkawi's beach is cleaner, prettier,and there is a place for snorkelling,diving...erm...I seldom heard people mention about it in Langkawi. However, Cherating beach has its own unique too.Turtle-watching citivity is here, and World-renowned CLub Med (a 6 stars resort) is settled here.SO, couldn't compare la.

and second impression about Langkawi, DUTY FREE heaven!!sweet tooth like me had bought a lot of chocolates, I wanted to buy a bottle wine also, but my mom didn't allow. I snap this the moment I saw it, I don't know its usual price but I know its utterly cheap here. and FYI, Ferrero Rochel outside is RM32.50 like thats, but its only RM23.50 here!

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