September 17, 2016

Ikea Damansara Restaurant & Cafe 2016

Always craving for food, I went to IKEA to hunt for food recently. Why the food in IKEA

1. Always I will bring my friends here when they were not local, because I think this is a place that every people should know. 

2. The food here is healthy, cheaper, and generally delicious. 
(Generally delicious means some of them are really top notch but not all. )

I went here twice this week. So I thought why not I do a review about Food in Ikea? So this post would review on some food in Ikea restaurant and some useful information too. 

Not only the furnitures in IKEA is famous with it's good quality, the food here has attract a crowd of people to come just only for it's food, until to the extend, there is a shortcut to lead to the IKEA restaurant & cafe at the entrance of IKEA. 

However, everything here is self service. People queue up here to get the food. And the service is pretty fast even when there is crowd because the food is always ready there for you. 


Get yourself a food trolley at the entrance of buying food.

Fret not if you want to take away (dabao) but you do not have any food container with you. IKEA has already prepare a quality food container for you to ensure that your food doesnt damage not matter what shape, texture it is. (You will get to collect the lid at the payment counter while paying out. )

Also, you get to pick up Rm 2 bottomless cup in 2 different style. And the choices of the beverage. There were hot beverage like coffee and tea (come with sugar, and creamer as well)

The condition of how we take the food.

Certain desserts like Almond cake, moist chocolate cake, moist chocolate, new york cheese cake, creme caramel are ready to collect in the fridge. Not only that, food like vege salad, vege ball, chicken salad can be taken from the fridge too.

Not very impressed by the choices of pastries. Afterall, pastries are never their highlight here. However, I secretly has some high expection on my favourite pastry .....croissant. And I am here, feeling slightly repugnance to say that...the croissant is not impressive at all. NOt at ALL. 

Initially, I was so happy to get the LARGE croissant for only Rm 3.70. However, expecting the croissant to have crispy crunchy is the least requirement for croissant, not only this croissant doesn't fulfill the crunchiness, (I thought that perhaps it's not hot, but it still the same after I over it for 40 seconds =.=), but unlike how every croissant perform, it is hard to bite and tear it off! I was most furious over this matter. Taste like a bread! even a bread can tear off easily compare to the croissant here. 

Alright, enough talking about croissant, I just wont take the croissant here until I heard any positive comment about it in the future. 

(All the price stated here is inclusive of the GST)
You will soon come to saw this view. A lot came here for the famous springy, chewvy meatball (beef, chicken, now they even have vege ball {Rm 2.90 for 5 pieces })

Swedish Meatball (Chicken)
(Beef has the same price)

5 pieces - Rm 6
10 pieces - Rm 12
15 pieces - Rm 15
20 pieces - Rm 18

The food with highest fame, that  attracts large crowd. But honestly, I like the chicken wing here more than the meatball. It is juicy, tender and but not so chewvy. The sauce is delicious! 

Chicken Wing 

2 pieces- Rm 5
5 pieces- Rm 12

I hope that it was serving hot all the time. It wasn't. Anyway, I still like their chicken wing. Delicious, flavourful and not so oily! This swedish restaurant stick strong to their vision and mission, to offer the real, less condiment (unless added later on) and healthy choice of food. 

Marinated Salmon with Potato Salad Rm 14.90

I come here for the salmon. I am a Salmon lover. and this salmon, I knew with such price in Klang Valley area is hard to find. As the raw salmon has been processed and marinated, it is a delightfully flavour to taste. Top it up with fresh lemon is a double win-win combo! The way I like to eat it! It the combo of delicious without compromise on the healthy side. Come with cold potato salad,fresh lettuce and mustard as the complimentary. Its hearty and fulfilling to be honest. 

Another dish that I like is the Salmon Fillet with Wheat pilaf & chives sauce @Rm 16.90. I forgot to take the pic. I guess the salmon fillet was humbly sautee/cook without any condiment (I guess), because I didnt see any hint of oil on it. It simply look like it has been steamed.This dish tasted plain but still I like how it combo with the rest of the wheat pilaf and barley as the side dish. In a nutshell, subtly flavour and more to healthy-concious.

Almond Cake Rm 6.30

I saw a lot of people having this. But to me, It was just a piece of cake packed with almond taste. 

Oh the highlight of this photo with the mushroom soup. 
Mushroom soup Rm 4.20

Satisfied with the rich, creamy mushroom with few chunck of mushroom here. Yes, I like mushroom soup to be creamy.

Other foods with the price labelled. 

This is not all the food here, but you can click here to view the list of all food in IKEA .

Other information about the IKEA restaurant
1. They do serve Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing during the dinner hour. (6pm til closing)

2. French Toast with Sausages and Baked Beans is available during the breakfast hour (9am - 10am). Free Coffee available from 9.00am - 9.30am.

Lunch is from 10am - 3pm

3.Just notice there are 2 scoops of mash potatoes selling at Rm 4.20 too! 

4. Do not expect the food here will be serving hot, as it is like self-service and the food are ready. But it you really like to eat it hot, you can oven it for 40 seconds before swallow it.

Highly Recommended Dishes
1. Chicken Wing

2. Salmon fillet with wheat pilaf & chives sauce

3. Marinated Salmon with Potato salad

4. Basically all the food here is highly recommended! 

What I wish to try next time
1. Mashpotato
2. Blackpepper roasted chicken with potato wedges.

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