August 31, 2016

Tarte is available in Sephora Online!

Great news to all the beauty lovers out there! Do you know that you can know shop in Sephora online?  I always feel so atas to be able to shop in Sephora, and today, Thanks to Sephora, I got to shop on Tarte products!

I didn't know about this brand until Sephora introduce Tarte to me. My first impression on Tarte is so luxurious from the packaging and the quality of the paper used on their packaging and their sleek design on the packeging. Fidgeting through the package, I realised that all Tarte cosmetics are

 cruelty free

Formulated without 
Mineral Oil
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

I have gotten myself 3 items below!!

(Cosmetic from Clockwise direction)
Park Ave Princess Contour Palette Post Holiday Palette RM 138
Picture Perfect™ Eyelash Curler RM 105
Naughty Nudes Tarteist Lip Paint RM 75

Park Ave Princess Contour Palatte

 This got to be my utmost favourite of the Sephora haul! It is a contour palatte and I got it as 3 in 1!!

It has 

Amazonian Clay Matter Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess

Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush

Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Champagne Gold

I not sure what is Park Ave Princess means? I means does it dedicated to a person or what. Anyway, I guess from the given context a trade mark name of the given colour. While Amazonian Clay is also exclusive in Tarte. It gives removes surface oil to give a matte skin outlook, nourish & hydrate our face.

Added in contour palatte into a basic make up kits as it is so easy to carry! The bronzer make me a more superstar look as in I am always in the limelight, LOL. It give me the Tan skin natural colour. Also, the blush is really not too pinky to go with! All the 3 of these are highly pigmented. 

I purposely wiped off my pop lip paint to indicate the effect of the contour on my face. As you can see here, my face is great features, shine on cheek, T-zone and the bottom of forehead, and tanned in the edge of my face, creating a 3D look.

Upfront of my face: Observe the contour effect under the natural light. 

Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler & 4 in 1 Mascara

The mascara you see above is not the full size of the mascara, because I  chose Eyelash Curler because I wander on the difference between eyelash curler and any random eyelash curler of this design. To be frank, other than the signature purple Tarte colour and the gold metal, it is just an eyelash curler with no difference than any of the random eyelash curler. 

But then I like the 4 in 1 Mascara! Although it doesn't come in full size, as it is a supplementary product from the eyelash curler. I was amazed by the wonder it does!  The 4 in 1 as in lengthening, curling, volumizing and conditioning. Conditioning means it protect and stregthen the eyelashes while giving your eyes an alluring, long eyelashes look. 

Even the design of the brushes is something that I never see before. Was it a volumizing? or lengthening? Normally we can tell from the design of the wand. 

In order to see the wonder of the Tarte 4 in 1 lights, camera mascara. I decided to compare it with mascaras from my collection. 

On my left eye (aka your right side), is the eyelashes that coated with Tarte 4 in 1 Mascara. 
On my right eye is the result of volume mascara, then lengthening mascara. 

TOP:  Tarte mascara doesnt show much result after the 1st coat. compare to the volume mascara that I applied for 2 or 3 coats already. Anyway, tarte mascara doesnt crumple easily! One plus point for this! Oh yea, did I mention that this is a waterproof mascara? 

BOTTOM: I was surprise that the lengthening effect that Tarte mascara did! My right eye also show certain level of lengthening but it is not as dramatic as the Tarte mascara. What does this means? It means that you no need to carry both volume and lengthening mascara , but only 1 mini of my Tarte mascara will do!! I watched the video here, the results can be as dramatic as put on fake eyelashes. Wonder is it because of my applying skill that I cant make it to the fake eyelashes result. 

I guess you could discern the effect of my eyelashes from this picture too! Obviously, I prefer my left eyelashes more! 

Naughty Nudes Tarteist Lip Paint

I was curious on whether this kind of lipstick colour is hard to pull off or not. Hence I decided to choose this colour and experiment with it.Surprisingly, the outcome is far more better than when I put on the bright red Marilyn Monroe kind of lipstick.

The colour is highly pigmented just like how it's name describe, like the paint that you see, this is the colour it will display on the lip, without even have to priming with a layer of foundation to truly show the colour as it is.

Naughty Nudes Tartiest lip paint (Croptop)

Probably because it is a lip paint instead of lipstick, and the truly true colour make me feel that this is a kind of exceptional lip product. 

Not forgetting a subtle sweet chocolate scent when I pull out the wand of the lip paint. All the tarte cosmetics that I experiment here give me a feeling of Premium! Argh...Next time I want to get their 
Bloom Clay Palette that come with 12 shades of matte and shimmering eyeshadows colour and a contour brush, because Tarte give a surreal effect that come with cruelty free. 

The upfront look of the lip paint look. It look much more cooler in real life. What you say? 

Want to add Tarte into your collection? Click HERE to shop online in Sephora! 

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