July 24, 2016

Ninebot experience + Review @ The Square, One City +

Last Sunday, I was invited to a Ninebot PTD(Personal Transporter Devise) riding experience, and I was so exited about it! Because lazy person like me sometime wish that I can hover/skate instead of walking. There were 3 kinds of different models that was being introduced. 

Top : Ninebot Mini Pro -Rm 3800

Middle: Ninebot P  -Rm 13 800

Bottom: Ninebot One  -Rm 3490

and I have to say my favourite would be the Ninebot Mini Pro.it  is neither too easy nor too challenging to ride on. .I managed to balance easily. This is due to a balancing technology known as gyro. Gyro is sensitive and will detect any movement through the board and work to balance the board so that it's user can ride smoothly even with zero practical knowledge on balancing. 

I have also included some of the simple fact sheet in the video below. Feel Free to view them! 

I tried Ninebot P (the PTD with handlebar), it is the easiest to ride on. Again, it's due to the gyroscope and sensor plus a handlebar to hold on make it so easy to ride on. It is mainly developed for commercial use. So far, the security guard in Sunway Putra Mall has use this PTD for their patrolling. 

Some of the other facts:
- It isn't waterproof, but water resistance as in it can still function when pass through shallow water puddle. 

- 2-3 hours charing and can perform up to 10 hours depend on the slope and road surfac

If you are keen to know more, here are some of the other details

Also, I found out that there is currently Rm 2999 promotion in Lazada for Ninebot Mini Pro. 

Ninebot Malaysia Official Site

Headed to Ninebot Facebook page for other information.

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