July 16, 2016

Playboy Body Mist Fragrances

First of all, sorry for the late updating. Been so caught up with my work recently. Anyway, I am going to reveal what is these cute colourful cap referring to!

Here comes the answer! 

Yes, It is Female body mist that is coming from Playboy. 

Available in 4 different colours and with the signature bunny ear packaging. It aims to attract youthful young lady to express their playful personalities. 

I personally like the Playit Fizzy the most! The scent is just nice, and I visualise myself as fairy angle in a sea of flowers. Play it Fizzy mainly exude the sweet citrus of yuzu infused with sweet gardenia , peach,jasmine, rose, freesia and sweet vanilla.

Then, my second favourite would be Play it Sweet. It has a scent that resemble Play it Fizzy, with lesser citrus, and more to sweet scent. It consist of  fruity blend of mandarin, strawberry and pink grapefruit evolves into a light, dreamy bouquet of peony, jasmine and violet.

Next, the purple colour of scent, Play it Chic scents opens with blend of bergamot, orange and blackberry,apple, rose and orange blossom. It also consist of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. 

The blue bottle of Play it Fresh, as the name indicate, giving out invigorating feel like after shower, cool and refreshing. I don't really like the scent, the fragrance is boyish to me, but my boyfriend's sis like the frangrance! 

You can express your daily mood through the different scent of each of them from AEON, Tesco, AEON Big, Parkson and other leading supermarkets at only Rm 6.90. 


  1. playboy body mist is not available anymore :(

  2. could anyone tell me from where i can get the playboy body mist in malaysia?

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