July 15, 2016

Photoshooting theme: Fleurs


'Fleurs' means flower in French. Mad love this series of flower. All the editting were done by my lovely Esther Mei. I didnt edit anything from this series! Cause it's just nice!!

The way you see it look so effortlessly, but let me tell you.  It's not easy at all. We had to shoot under the hot sun, and I kept wipe the sweat with tissue until Esther said that my make up gone already. I not sure how it still look so pretty here. But I really like every single photos from this series!!

I feel like my smile neutralise my eyes which look a bit fierce.

This reminded me that I should have more photoshoot when I am still young so that if I am getting fatter in the future, or older, seeing these photos will motivate me to reduce weight, getting a toned hands and legs (which is growing horizontally now), omg, I cant believe that I already gain so much weight now!!
If you love life, life will Love you too! 

Be like wild flowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the directions that people thought you never venture. 

SMILE is the BEST make up so does the floral band. =D 

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