December 11, 2011


昨天学到了一个新的英文生字, convalesce(kan ve les)  意思是说病愈后在家修养. 正好符合我现在status. 我真希望一月份能快点来, 我能快点上大学,  这段日子........在家里........也没有什么东西做.......觉得很浪费时间........虽然父母都觉得这是很好的修养机会.....我也是酱子觉得......可是很多时候, 除了吃喝, 我的时间很空, 很想找一些东西做, 找到, 可是就是做不到, 觉得没有人施压,就慢慢来,反正时间还很多.......好!我要做一个可以自己控制时间的人,



但是我要讲的不是这些, 我要讲的是, 我已经想好我六七年后的计划了.

1. 明年一月份开学,第二年的三月份读完foundation, working at KL until July,then continue to pursuing my degree. Since one year got only 2 semester, that mean i have 3 months free during the time studying degree, i would like to use the time to work or learn something in KL, only the one month holiday i will go back to Kemaman.

2. After graduate, posting for 2 years, i am a pharmacist. I wish i could work in Singapore, but i want to marry too! Do you know that it is better a lass give birth before 30? cause the consequence of get pregnant after that , you will become an old mother,hehehe,facing higher risk of getting various women cancer like breast cancer, ovary cancer and etc.I wanted to pregnant only after 2 years of marrying. I will fully utilise the 2 years like travelling around the world.I THINK we both earned enough money to travel , i love travel. That's why i wish i could study abroad, but sadness my family couldn't afford it, plus i am not smart enough to obtain a scholarship.

but good things studying in malaysia:

i can meet my family more frequently

okay, i think till now.enough of talking ntg.

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