December 11, 2011

31 oct2011,dating at pantai (convalescence)

i went to a pantai(beach) with someone i love at Dungun.  Luckily the wheather was no bad, though it seem like it was going to rain. We been staying there for like 90 minutes. Beach.....we always dating at beach,hahaha, IT is romantic, and bill and coo there.

 Oh, there was a little drizzle that afternoon. So, we took out the umbrella to standby. We found out this bended coconut trunk,hahahah, guess how we play with it??

it can be use to sleeP

to view scene,  i miss the time. I am so boring at home now...Can some one help me? I got nothing to do,I wish i could go out,hanging out,not only with bf but with friends too. okay, since i am at home now,i want to use this opportunity to

1. Learn Japanese
2. Learn English
3. Learn how to edit video
4. Read the healthy book

haiz.....January, can u come faster? How i wish i am already graduate and enjoy my working now..

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